The Continental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus is a durable and budget-friendly tire for your truck, van or SUV. In addition to being an affordable option, the CrossContact LX20 is covered with a 70,000-mile limited warranty, and Continental Tires offers a 60-day conditional trial period that allows you to return the tires if they do not meet your satisfaction.

The CrossContact LX20's tread design provides excellent traction on dry or rainy surfaces, and it also does well in snowy conditions. Driving on a paved surface with these truck tires quickly reveals their quiet nature. This is due to the LX20's unique tread pattern, which is designed for a smoother response and higher comfort than comparable all-terrain truck tires. The EcoPlus technology improves its treadwear, which is the measure of how long it should last, and increases its fuel efficiency and traction. This makes the tire a good choice for light trucks and SUVs that spend most of the day on the road.

The tire is designed primarily for paved road travel, so off-road conditions are not its strong suit. While it can handle occasional dirt roads and muddy terrain, you'll want to consider an all-terrain tire if you need better traction than that for your daily commute or work. That being said, the LX20 light-truck tire still proves its mettle on slippery surfaces and minimizes sliding quite well.

Continental Tire has produced some of the best truck tires over the years. The Continental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus is a strong eco-friendly tire that allows efficient fuel performance and high traction for different paved surfaces and seasons.