Firestone's Destination M/T is an off-road mud tire with a rugged, durable design and an efficient tread so you can take your truck off the beaten path with confidence. You can use the tires in winter conditions, meaning there's no seasonal limit to when you can take them for a spin.

This off-road tire has Firestone's Dura-Loc three-ply sidewall, which protects it against sharp debris and other hazards, whether you are cruising on the highway or taking your truck into a rocky desert. The tread is designed with a 23-degree angle of attack, which essentially means the tire improves your pulling power to give you better traction and control when off the road.

The Destination M/T includes additional rim protection with a raised rubber ridge, so you don't have to worry about damaging your tire on curbs or similar obstacles you encounter. The tires are reinforced with long-link carbon to boost the life of the tread and resist cracks, chips and tears, which are common concerns when you take your truck off-roading. The whole tire is covered with a continuous nylon wrap, which helps the tire hold its original shape and handle high speeds.

Like all mud tires, the Destination M/T uses a tread design that removes mud, gravel and other debris. This is another design element that prevents your tire from slipping on muddy or loose soil. The tread allows year-round use, as the open-slotted shoulders make mud, snow or slush slip off the sides of the tire as you drive. Additionally, the tread includes pins in which you can install studs to give the tire more grip in winter conditions. Many states prohibit the use of studs for part of the year, so make sure you know your local laws before installing studs.

As with most Firestone passenger and light-truck tires, you are covered by a 30-day guarantee on these tires, so long as you buy them in a set of four or more. Additionally, when you purchase new Firestone tires, you get the Gold Pledge Limited Warranty, which means you can replace the tire with a similar new tire either free of charge or for a pro-rated amount. This warranty lasts for three years from the date of purchase, so long as you have proof of purchase. If you do not have this information, the warranty lasts for four years from the date the tire was manufactured.