Pros / The unit automatically shuts off if it gets too hot.

Cons / There is no timer function.

 Verdict / The AKDY Golden Vantage GFP0023 is a decent electric fireplace to use at any time of the year, thanks to its attractive design and no-heat flame setting, but it doesn't have everything we look for.

The AKDY Golden Vantage GFP0023 electric wall fireplace operates with two heat settings, and it has design features that give the flames a realistic, modern and vibrant look. Aside from its multicolored flames, it's a fairly standard electric fireplace, with the omission of a few features.

You have the choice of two heat settings on this unit, which is standard for electric fireplaces. The low setting draws 750 watts of power, while the high setting draws 1,500 watts. Additionally, the unit has a capacity of 5,200 Btu, which is more than enough to heat a room of up to 400 square feet quickly.

You can enjoy the fireplace's flames and ambiance without the heat, which means you can use it all year round and install it in your home even if you live where there's a warm climate most of the year. This electric wall fireplace has a log insert, and three colors of LED flames – blue, red and white. You can also adjust the flame. These features give the unit a more eye-catching and authentic fireplace look.

The AKDY Golden Vantage electric fireplace weighs 32 pounds, which is pretty standard. It's also pretty standard in size, measuring 35.43 x 22.04 x 3.9 inches. If you install this unit near other furniture or above or below a television, you must give it 36 inches of clearance. It's not hard to install this fireplace yourself, as it includes everything you need to mount it.

Unlike with some modern electric fireplaces, you don't get touchscreen controls or a timer function on this unit, but it does have a few convenience features we like to see. For instance, you can operate the unit with a remote control, and it has an automatic shut-off feature, which ensures it doesn't overheat and makes it safe to use.

This electric fireplace heater has a one-year warranty, which is standard among electric fireplaces. You can't contact the manufacturer for support via live chat, but you can get help by phone and email. You can also view a list of FAQs on its website, but you won't find the product manual on the site.

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The AKDY Golden Vantage GFP0023 electric fireplace has a very modern style to it. Its multicolored LED flames and log inserts give it a very sleek look during operation. It even operates without heat, so you can use it anytime, and it's easy to install with its included mounting hardware. However, a few missing features keep it out of the top tier of electric fireplaces.

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