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Trash, Meet Dash: The GeniCan Garbage Can Reorders Your Refuse

Contributing writer: Dan Tennant It's official: Smart trash cans are the steaming hot new gadget category of 2017. Available within the next few months, the $149 GeniCan is a scanner that attaches to

Best Smart Kitchens Review

A smart kitchen device typically refers to any appliance that can access the Web or interface with a mobile device to make its operation more convenient. These types of appliances can also be referred

Best Snow Cone Machines Review

Snow cone machines conjure up memories of balmy summer afternoons. These devices make an effective companion to outdoor festivals, little league baseball games and backyard barbeques. Whether you have

Best Bagel Slicers Review

Bagel slicers make the process of cutting a bagel faster, safer and more effective than using a knife by containing blades that slice the items evenly. Bagel slicers cut bagels into two uniform slices

Sound Advice: How to Quiet Your Blaring Blender

Modern blenders are incredibly powerful and able to reduce even the most frozen-solid fruits to super smooth smoothies in seconds. With all of that power comes ridiculous amounts of noise, though. Tha

Best Travel Bottle Warmers

Access to warm milk is a necessity when you have a baby. At home, you have access to microwaves, stoves and other electricity that enables you to heat up a bottle quickly. However, if you are away fro

Kenwood Multipro Excel Food Processor

The Kenwood Multipro Excel food processor didn't make our top 10 best food processors, but it's a quality appliance that performed just as well as and better than those that did make the list in some

Mini Microwaves: Smaller in Size, Still Mighty

The best compact microwaves cook and reheat your food quickly and thoroughly, preferably on the first go around. We put every microwave we received or ordered through the same tests to gauge their pow

When Should You Buy a Rice Cooker?

Eating healthy can be a challenge for anyone – after all, fat, salt and sugar make everything taste better. So, steaming as a cooking method gets a bad rap, but it can impart lots of flavor to your fa

The Truth About Airfryers

Fried food is undeniably delicious, but frying is also regarded as one of the least healthy methods of cooking. Yet we want our French fries, or chips, fried chicken and doughnuts, so we buy them anyw

Drive-Thru Food at Home

It has long been considered the most important meal of the day, at least by some, but breakfast seems to be in the spotlight even more lately. Practically all fast-food outlets have a morning menu, an

Science of the Sizzle: How Hot Plates Work

There are several situations in which you would want or need a hot plate – and not only when you move into a dorm room (in most cases, they’re not allowed anyway). To save money on food costs when you

How to Defrost Your Freezer

Every freezer is susceptible to frost buildup over time, including the best chest freezers. There is one main cause as to why these mounds of crusty ice grow along the walls of your compact freezer: c

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Decadent Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

Every day you hear and see more recipes on mainstream menus for vegan diets. Shouldn't dessert be just as diverse? With an ice cream maker, you can churn out your own ice cream flavors following any l

Outside the Norm: Unique Waffle Makers

Imagine a Louis Vuitton waffle maker. Artist Andrew Lewicki did. His 2012 project can be found online alongside photos of his cast iron Oreo Manhole Cover and Concrete Oranges. The luxury waffle maker

5 Unconventional Ways to Use Your Coffee Maker

Believe it or not, you can use your coffee maker to make breakfast, lunch and dinner and still brew a good cup of coffee. If you only know a coffee maker’s job as making coffee, you will be surprised

The Best Juicer to Buy

There is an astounding array of juicers on the market. This led to some Goldilocks moments as we researched – some juicers would be perfect for big budgets and fitness goals, while others would fit be

Over-the-Range Microwaves: Safety First

If you have just gotten an over-the-range microwave oven, congratulations are in order. The best microwaves offer convection as well as microwave capabilities and extra oven racks so you can use these

A Brief History of Popcorn

When you chomp on that delectable mouthful of popcorn during a comfy home movie night, you might not realize it, but you are, in a sense, joining centuries of popcorn lovers who lived on several conti

Espresso Maker: How Americans Came to Embrace an Italian Tradition

As with so many palate-pleasing offerings, espresso has its origins in Italy. However, entrepreneurial Americans fueled the explosive popularity of the rich and potent drink, especially through Seattl

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