Pros / The Fusion Juicer produces low levels of pulp and froth and is by far the quietest juicer in our review.

Cons / The unique nozzle is designed for convenience but instead created headaches during testing and cleanup.

 Verdict / This juicer is quiet and compact, and it performed well in our juicing tests. However, the prep and cleanup work is excessive, and it lacks power overall.

The Fusion Juicer is a quiet, compact juicer that comes with a lot of accessories. It performed well in our juicing tests, but it took extra prep work to make it happen. This juicer is attractive and fits nicely on whatever counter space you have available, and it won’t disturb your entire household when you turn it on. Juicers by nature are pretty loud, but this juicer was a full 14 dB quieter than any of the others we tested. It’s far from the most powerful juicer machine we tested, though. For a more powerful juicer, you might consider the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL.

The most important consideration is a juicer’s performance, and this one did a pretty good job of juicing. However, its opening is almost a circle with one flat side, and the flat side prevented us from fitting an entire apple into it. When we cut the apple in half, we could feed it into the juicer, but it hardly juiced at all. Not only did we have to cut it in half again, we had to slice the apple into 32 pieces before we could get it to juice effectively.

When processing tiny pieces of hard fruit, the Fusion Juicer did a good job of juicing, but it required more prep than any other juicer in our reviews. After juicing, we found a decent amount of produce slivers in the pulp container. On two separate occasions, we also found a sliver of un-juiced produce in the grate. So, while this machine produces a good juice yield, it’s not terribly powerful.

You also have to be careful when filling a glass or pitcher with juice out of the Fusion Juicer. The nozzle was problematic throughout the testing process. It clicks in and out so you can stop it from releasing juice, which is convenient in theory. But if you are using a large glass or pitcher, the nozzle tends to move and lock shut. If you don’t catch this immediately, the juice overflows into the pulp container, creating a big mess and giving you less juice for your work. To prevent this from happening, we used an average-sized glass. We also found that removing the overflow and filter prevents this. Though we found a way to deal with it, it's a definite design flaw.

When it came to soft produce, we had quite a bit of trouble with this juicer. When we tried to juice leafy greens, we couldn’t get it to start juicing for a while. We figured out we needed to push the grater down more than average when assembling it to get it to juice. The feed tube tended to compact ingredients like romaine lettuce, and we had to push down hard to get these items to juice. However, this juicer handled spinach well, which was a problem for some of the other juicers. Despite the extra work on the hard and soft produce tests, it ultimately did well at juicing.

Another advantage to this juicer is it doesn’t produce a lot of pulp or froth, so straining isn't often necessary. If you like a lot of pulp, however, this juicer is probably not the best choice. Also, the bowl beneath the grater was relatively clean compared to those of other juicers, and there wasn’t a lot of cleanup. However, the nozzle, which was problematic during testing, also created problems with air-drying after cleaning. Instead of the nozzle holding its shape and drying out at an angle, gravity presses it against the counter so that it closes up and retains moisture.

One nice feature of this juicer is the number of accessories it comes with, though not all of them are equally helpful, and some important ones are left out. It comes with a measuring cup and a pitcher, which a surprising number of juicers lack. The pitcher, however, doesn’t come with a lid, which is inconvenient, especially if you like to put your juice right in the fridge after juicing.

This juicer also lacks a froth filter, which is a handy device that eliminates the need for straining. However, given this juicer’s low froth production, this is not a major omission. The included overflow filter and tray seem excessive, and we couldn’t see ourselves using them all that much. These accessories are designed to catch spills, but they end up just causing extra work because you have to clean them. Cleaning the juicer presents some challenges too. The grate has a plastic base that makes it difficult to fully clean the mesh filter.

You can contact customer service via phone or email if you have questions while you’re learning to use the juicer. However, it is not backed by a generous warranty as several other juicers in our review are. The warranty is only good for 60 days, which is well below average and may not give you adequate time to test out the product before it expires.

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  2. 8  Fusion Juicer
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The Fusion Juicer is a small juicer that is quiet and attractive. It did relatively well in our juice tests, but we had to do a lot of prep for some tests, and design flaws like the uniquely designed nozzle gave us some problems. On the plus side, this juicer produces little froth and pulp and doesn't have to be strained for the most part. It also produces a high yield of juice, but design flaws prevent it from being among the best juicers.

Fusion Juicer MT1020-1 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Noise Level (dB)
Juicer Size
Cord Length
6' 5 1/2"
Included Pitcher Size (mL)
Froth Separator
Non-slip Base
Height x Width x Depth (inches)
16 x 11 x 8

Prep & Cleanup

Average Clean Time (minutes)
Average Assembly Time (seconds)
Number of Parts
Dishwasher Safe
Cleaning Brush Included

Juicing Capabilities

Standout Feature
Quietest Juicer
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Green Lemonade
Hard Produce
Soft Produce
Level of Remaining Pulp
Slice Test

Help & Support

60 Days