The Bella Linea slow cookers range in design from a 5-quart cooker with a familiar oval design and simple warm and hot switches to 7.3 quart models with programmable timers. So no matter your cooking style, you can probably find one that meets your needs.

Overall, Bella Linea slow cookers have a stable range of temperatures that will cook food evenly and safely. Remember that these cookers will still be hot on the outside, so use caution when moving them or using them around children.

The programmable timers on some cookers help ensure that your food won't overcook, because after the timer sounds, the slow cooker knocks the temperature setting down to warm. Also, if you forget to turn the slow cooker off after dinner, don't worry – following the setting change from low to warm, some Bella Linea cookers shut off after four hours on the warm setting. Some of the models also offer excellent evaporation prevention, so your food will stay moist.

Most slow cookers include heatproof handles on the base of the appliance, and the Bella Linea slow cookers are no exception. The inserts, however, get very hot, so be sure to use potholders when removing the ceramic insert. You can safely clean the insert, spoon and lid in the dishwasher.

Some of these slow cookers have lids that lock when you close them onto the base, a small hole that allows for some steam to escape or a spoon rest so you don't have to put out a separate plate or spoon rest. Some units can even be linked together to provide a buffet for parties or tailgating.

Certain models do not have a rubber seal, while others do. With or without the seal, most units have a lock that is secure enough that if you transport it from one spot to another, the contents won't spill. The stoneware inserts are neither oven nor stovetop safe, and it does not have a searing surface.

The Bella Linea slow cookers give you a jump-start on cooking with your slow cooker by including recipes in the user manuals. You also get a black plastic spoon with some slow cookers.

Bella includes a hefty warranty compared to most slow cooker manufacturers. The two-year warranty protects you from any mechanical defective parts or workmanship. The limited warranty covers non-mechanical parts for only 90 days after date of purchase.

At the end of the day, you want your slow-cooked meal to be done and delicious, and Bella delivers. The appliance brand promises low and slow with its low setting, and the contents won't boil, which keeps meat moist and prevents vegetables from turning to flavorless mush.

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