Just mentioning the words "crock pot" brings to mind the original kitchen appliance: the trademarked avocado or harvest gold Crock-Pot of the '70s that graced kitchens worldwide. These useful appliances were, and still are, highly popular because they help working people enjoy a good, hot meal at the end of the day without having to do any food preparation once they get home.

The Crock-Pot Cook & Carry line is part of the evolution of those original appliances, but unlike the first wave of Crock-Pots, these slow cookers offer programmable models and a removable stoneware insert. They also have locking lids that let you transport the slow cooker to any family reunion, baby shower or other event without your chili spilling all over the car.

The temperature settings on these slow cookers can vary and some can become quite hot, which doesn't provide the slow-and-go cooking that these types of cookers are known for. Some models can also let out a substantial amount of moisture.

These useful, portable slow cookers offer both manual cooking models and programmable models. The manual models have a simple switch that allows you to change the heat settings from low to warm to hot.

The programmable models offer an abundance of cooking times. Some models can also can go into a warm mode automatically once the cooking is finished. The digital displays on the programmable modes let you see how much cooking time is left.

Some of the programmable models come with a nice safety feature: automatic shut-off. This can help prevent the slow cooker from overheating and starting a fire. They all come with locking lids and convenient carrying handles, which makes carrying these slow cookers to parties and events easy.

One appealing aspect of this Crock-Pot line is that its stoneware vessels are tough enough to go in the oven, although not for broiling, and you can take them out of the heating element to use as a serving dish. Another helpful feature is that you can put the stoneware inserts and the lids in the dishwasher.

You get a one-year warranty on these appliances if anything is defective or goes wrong, and the company provides support in the form of an online manual. You also can contact the manufacturer via email and phone.

The Crock-Pot Cook & Carry line offers programming options that help you plan mealtimes easily or simple manual controls. The stoneware vessels can go into the oven or can be used as a serving dish on the table.

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