Hamilton Beach answered a lot of consumers' wishes when it created its Set & Forget slow cookers. These appliances go beyond the old style of slow cooking that many of us associate with the classic slow cookers.

All Set & Forget models have a temperature range that is well in the norm for slow cookers of their type. Although the bases have one of the cooler external temperatures when compared to other brands, it's still far too hot to the touch – especially for young children who might try to touch the unit out of curiosity.

The units also do well on moisture loss and seem to keep most items moist. This can directly affect the texture of your food. Combine the low level of evaporation with the moderate temperature that these slow cookers employ and that also means your food is less likely to burn or stick to the ceramic insert, simplifying cleanup.

All models only come in 6-quart size, so if you need a slow cooker that is larger or smaller, you may need to try a different brand. One good choice might be the Elite Platinum MST-900R Maxi-Matix, which gives you an 8.5-quart stoneware cooking pot.

The programmable function on these slow cookers allows you to choose the heat setting and the time you want the slow cooker to cook. Once the timer dings, the slow cooker kicks over to the warm setting to keep your food hot.

Very few slow cookers include so many features that make cooking easier. The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget series, like most slow cookers, has heatproof handles on the base, so you won't burn your hands when you're moving the device from one spot to another. The stoneware insert and the glass lid are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy.

When you have a dish to take to a party or a potluck, one of the worries you won't have with these slow cookers is a mess when you travel with it. The locking lids plus rubber seals ensures that your stew, soup, dip or other slow-cooked food won't slosh and spill all over you or your car.

These slow cookers include one accessory that no other unit on our lineup does: a temperature probe. The long metal probe can be kept in a large cut of meat during cooking so you can program the heating element to turn off when the meat reaches the desired temperature that you set.

Hamilton Beach offers the standard warranty that most other manufacturers include for slow cookers: a one-year limited warranty that protects you from defective parts and workmanship. You can find the user manual online, and you can contact customer support by phone, email or contact form on the manufacturer's website.

The combination of solid performance, versatility and convenient features makes the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget line a good choice for many home chefs.

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