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Scientific Explorer Ant Lab Review

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Scientific Explorer Ant Labs are more than your traditional ant farms. These products are gel-filled, provide several accessories and feature a space-like design. These gel-station ant labs are designed for children ages six and up.

These ant labs are not created like your traditional sand-filled ant labs. Instead, you fill these products with gel. The gel is a no-feeding gel, meaning the ants receive all of their food and water from the gel. This means you don’t have to worry about feeding or providing water for the ants.

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However, this also means there is less interaction for your children. They can still observe and learn about the ants and how they build tunnels, but there is no work on their part to keep the ants alive. Although, there are treat pods included with this product that your children can give to the ants that provide extra food for them. This allows you to still have some experience feeding the ants, even if it isn’t on a more frequent basis that some ant farms require.

The design of the ant lab is more of a sphere shape, instead of the traditional square box like you will find on many ant habitats. It also features small tubes and spheres that the ants can crawl through that gives another dimension that you will not find on many traditional products. However, one drawback to these Scientific Explorer products is these ant labs cannot be re-used. Once you have placed gel and ants into the product, you cannot place new ants inside once all of the ants have died.

Ants are not included with the Scientific Explorer Ant labs. You have the option to purchase the ants from a third-party company or you can catch the ants on your own. There are instructions included with this product on how to catch the ants and place them in your ant lab on your own without losing all of your ants.

You can assemble the Scientific Explore Ant Labs on your own. These products also include instructions on how to assemble the product and how to catch and place ants inside the ant habitat. If you lose the instruction pamphlet, you can also download the instructions online. There is also a tunnel starter tool that you use to help the ants start building the tunnels and to help create a more successful ant farm.

Scientific Explorer Ant Lab Visit Site