When it comes to making educational toys, Uncle Milton is an industry veteran known for the play and instructional value of its products, including its popular ant farms. These products range in size and shape so there is something for everyone. For example, the company's Giant Ant Farm is an example of the firm at its best. This ant habitat offers a sizeable viewing area so kids can observe the ants hard at work, dividing tasks, moving about, creating tunnels and maintaining their environment.

Many of these Uncle Milton ant farms feature a classic sand-filled enclosure that, unlike the gel-type habitats, requires children to take care of the ants by feeding them and giving them water. Most of these products come with a fact-filled manual so the children can learn more about ants and their habits, and the company also provides additional information on its website for youngsters who want to learn more.

Perhaps the most enlightening educational material for these ant habitats is in the manual you get with these kits. The company’s website also provides a FAQs section that is full of information about setting up and using your ant farm.

With most of these farms, you get instructions for your kit and an ant tunnel tool that you will need to make those first tunnels. This is useful to help the ants get started on tunnel digging when they are initially placed in the ant habitat.

Uncle Milton’s Toys is one of the very few companies that sell ants directly rather than simply linking customers with third-party online stores. The cost of the harvester ants is included in the purchase price of the Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm, and you get a mail-in certificate to claim your ants. There will be times when ants cannot be shipped due to bad weather, and even when the temperatures are ideal, the company’s website said that you will always have to wait a bit before getting your ants. The delay in getting ants is true for many ant farm companies. If your ants all arrive dead, you can get one-time free replacement ants.

You also can capture ants from the outdoors and use those in your colony. However, Uncle Milton’s website cautions you to not mix ant species or colonies because they just don’t get along. If for some reason you want ants from another online store, you can certainly buy them elsewhere.

Uncle Milton’s Toys offers some useful information on its website, including a FAQs section. You also get email and phone support to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding one of these cool ant farms.

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