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CHEM C2000 Review

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PROS / You get 250 experiments and high-quality equipment with this kit.

CONS / You have to spend extra to buy some chemicals for experiments.

 VERDICT / This is a fine intermediate chemistry set for a child interested in science overall and chemistry in particular.

The CHEM C2000 is an excellent purchase for a child who is fascinated by science and reasonably advanced. This is the second chemistry set in a series from Thames & Kosmos firm, known for its quality educational products and toys. You can perform 250 experiments with this intermediate chemistry set for kids. The experiments show such things as chemical and acid-base reactions, the properties of mixtures and colloids, and how to make your own hydrochloric acid and create oxygen gas.

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This product is not limited to chemistry projects for kids, though. Your child can branch out into experiments that involve electricity, physics and other scientific disciplines. With its broad range of experiments and comprehensive manual, this chemistry set handily wins our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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The CHEM C2000 includes clear instructions for all its experiments. Like all the general chemistry sets on our list, this kit's experiments cover a wide range of topics. Among the experiments in this kit are tests demonstrating the properties of mixtures and colloids, chemical and acid-base reactions, and chemical identification. Some experiments demonstrate properties of household chemicals or explain some of the chemistry principles you use in the kitchen.

Thames & Kosmos designed the experiments to touch on all the major sections of a high school chemistry course, such as understanding the basic makeup of atoms and molecules, tracing the chemical origins of life, examining the physical makeup of the earth and observing the complex chemical reactions behind the inventions you use every day. The C2000 is a great value among chemistry for kids kits, since it also includes introductory experiments in physics, electricity and other branches of science besides chemistry.


The CHEM C2000 kit comes with all the supplies you need to conduct the listed chemistry experiments for kids. The supplies in this kit are not toy-like, but are typical items you would find in a real science lab. The kit includes glass and metal equipment in addition to plastic parts, as well as a burner for experiments involving heat and combustion. The burner is a key component for an intermediate-level chemistry set, when your youngster is already well informed about chemistry. The burner permits your child to perform considerably more experiments than he or she could with a kit lacking a burner.

For example, you and your child can use the burner to create a mini hydrogen factory and make a combustible gas in a test tube. You can then hold it over a candle flame and see as well as hear the exciting "whoosh!" as combustible hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air. The well-written manual that comes with this kit explains how hydrogen collects solar power and can also be used in cells that can power a number of things, including vehicles.


The C2000 comes with specialized chemicals such as potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) and ammonium iron (III) sulfate, as well as household chemicals such as baking soda. There are 18 chemicals in the kit. Additional chemicals are required to complete some of the experiments, including some you can buy at grocery or hardware stores and some you need to get from a science store such as Best Science Supplies. The kit includes a sufficient supply of chemicals to conduct the experiments more than once.

Learning Materials

Like all the kits on our lineup, the CHEM C2000 comes with an experiment procedure manual that includes detailed explanations of the principles behind the experiments. Because the C2000 is a fairly advanced kit, the manual may be a bit too complex for kids under 10 to follow. This kit is designed for users who already have a basic grasp of chemistry and experimental procedures.


For students who have demonstrated an affinity for science but still need a bit more time and experience with chemistry experiments before moving to the top-level kit, the C2000 is a great choice. Besides providing plenty of quality equipment and chemicals, it offers your youngster considerable information about the history of science, its various uses in modern life, essential safety precautions and more. Overall, this is just the right chemistry set to serve as a bridge for kids between the beginner and advanced levels.

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