Pros / You get a whopping 333 chemistry experiments with this chemistry project kit.

Cons / You might have to find or buy some of the chemicals you will need for experiments.

 Verdict / More advanced students, such as those in high school, will find this excellent kit provides everything they need for a home chemistry lab.

The CHEM C3000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a first-rate chemistry set for a high school student. Unlike the chemistry kits that are lacking in necessary materials, this product presents top-notch supplies to start experiments and enough of them to reuse for future experiments. Your child can tackle 333 different experiments with the instructions and materials included in this more advanced chemistry set. The CHEM C3000 is clearly our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for chemistry sets.

Make no mistake: Although this is a chemistry set for kids, it is not for beginners. Some of the experiments can be tricky and potentially dangerous, so you need to impress on your student that it is essential to follow the directions the kit provides for each experiment.

Fortunately, Thames & Kosmos, the chemistry set manufacturer, includes a 176-page experiment manual that explains how the procedures should go. You probably will want to be on hand or have another responsible adult available to observe and possibly assist your budding chemist, no matter how carefully he or she has handled such materials in the past.

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The CHEM C3000 contains supplies and instructions for 333 different experiments, from the standbys, such as acids and bases, baking soda reactions and chemical identification, to more obscure experiments, such as building a mini fire extinguisher. The experiment list runs the gamut, from mostly entertaining, with magic tricks and colored ink tests, to purely educational, with science kit experiments on elemental properties and chemical identification.

The experiment list in the CHEM C3000 gives an overview of many of the major chemistry principles students learn in high school. Like a chemistry class, the manual for this set moves from general lessons on topics, such as the nature of elements, the behavior of atoms and molecules, and the proper procedures for scientific experimentation, into more advanced lessons demonstrating complex chemical properties, such as combustion, and finally into more real-world applications, such as understanding environmental forces and measuring water quality. Though you might have to buy the chemicals you need for some experiments, this is the most complete chemistry set we reviewed.

While even this complete set cannot take the place of a standard science education, the hands-on experience of conducting experiments cements the lessons learned in the classroom and inspires students to want to learn more.

That said, be aware that the CHEM C3000 set is not a toy anyone can play with carelessly. The experiments in this kit can be dangerous, and you need follow the procedure manual closely. The manufacturer recommends parental supervision and guidance for all experiments involving heat and chemicals. The C3000 kit is designed for more advanced students, so if you are buying this kit for a beginner, you should choose one of the more basic sets, such as the CHEM C500.


The CHEM C3000 comes with a huge range of lab equipment. Some items are specifically designed for a particular experiment, and others you can use repeatedly as part of a home lab. The primary reason for the high price of this product is the quality of the equipment, which includes glass and metal supplies in addition to plastic parts.

Once you have completed the experiments from this chemistry for kids kit, you can use the equipment to conduct experiments from other kits or invent your own experiments based on what you have learned. This kit can also provide the equipment you need for any chemistry-related science project.


For this section of our review, we examined the chemicals included in all of the chemistry sets for kids we reviewed. Since there are millions of chemicals that could be included, we did not list each set’s chemicals individually. Rather, we considered it more important whether each set comes with the chemicals you will need to complete the experiments.

In the case of the CHEM C3000, the experiment list is the most extensive of any set we reviewed. This kit contains 10 more chemicals than the C2000, but both sets include some experiments that call for additional chemicals that are not included. Most of the chemicals you need will be included, and the rest can be found at a grocery or hardware store, or a science supply store like Best Science Supplies. Even though this could be seen as a drawback of the kit, there are enough experiments included that you can send away for the missing chemicals and have plenty of experiments to keep you busy while you wait for your shipment.

Learning Materials

The CHEM C3000 is the most advanced kit on our lineup, so the manual is written in a moderately advanced style. Kids who are ready for the C3000 should already be familiar with the scientific method and the rules of proper experimentation, but this information is still included in the manual. The C3000 is better suited to students who have already demonstrated an affinity for science than to students who are struggling to pick up the basic principles.



The CHEM C3000 tops our list of the best chemistry sets for kids for the sheer volume of experiments you get, as well as the high-quality equipment. The equipment includes glass and metal, not just plastic, so it is durable enough to last through repeated use. While it is not a set for beginners, the CHEM C3000 is definitely the best set on the market today.

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