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Chemistry 60 Review

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PROS / This chemistry project kit involves simple, safe experiments so younger children can enjoy it and learn from it.

CONS / There are no chemicals included with this kit, so you need to provide items for experiments.

 VERDICT / This makes a nice introductory chemistry set for young children, with enough experiments to keep them interested and learning, but adults and older children won't be that impressed.

As its name suggests, the Chemistry 60 kit gives you 60 experiments to perform using household chemicals that you provide so that your child can see how chemistry plays a part in our everyday lives. The experiments are safe and simple to conduct.

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This is an introductory chemistry set for kids, so the experiments are basic. You might find this a little too simplistic in some areas, but this chemistry set is designed to help your child comprehend scientific concepts at work in everyone's life. You and your child can use the Chemistry 60 kit for some fun learning now, as well as lay the groundwork for more complex scientific inquiry later.

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Most of the experiments in this science kit are quick, but a few, such as crystal growing, can take several days or longer to complete. Make sure you and your child read through the entire procedure in the manual before starting an experiment so you know how long it will take. Even though these are not hazardous experiments, one of the downsides to chemistry experiments for kids that take days to complete is finding a safe and convenient place to set up the equipment for that length of time, especially if you have young children or pets in the house.

This chemistry for kids kit comes with very basic lab equipment, including measuring and mixing tools, test tubes and a test tube stand, and safety glasses. There are a few glass pieces, but the kit is designed to be safe for kids. If your child is at the lower end of the age spectrum, he or she may need help measuring ingredients, using the small tools and following instructions in the proper order.

Unlike most commercial chemistry kits, the Chemistry 60 uses only household chemicals, which are not included with the equipment. You most likely have everything you need at home, but you might need to head out to a grocery or hardware store for a few items. This kit comes with a small booklet that contains procedures for all the experiments and explains how and why they work.


Chemistry 60 provides an engaging set of chemistry experiments for kids with non-hazardous materials. It is a good choice for very young children, but it is not that well equipped, and if your children are older, they may not find this set that impressive or engaging.

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