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Elements of Science Review

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PROS / Children can learn a great deal from this kit about physics and biology in addition to chemistry, as well as how interrelated these different aspects of science are.

CONS / The equipment is very basic and looks a bit cheap.

 VERDICT / This is a good introductory science kit that provides solid science lessons for youngsters.

The Elements of Science kit, manufactured by National Geographic, offers hands-on experiments that help youngsters understand a variety of broad concepts in not only chemistry, but physics and biology as well. This is a practical and entertaining chemistry set for kids that you and your child can use to supplement school lessons. You also could implement it as a significant part of a homeschooling plan.

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This science kit is built upon the idea of combining three areas of science to show how scientific principles are part of everyday life. With this chemistry set for kids, your child can learn about acids and bases; study chemical reactions; and conduct experiments analyzing air, water, and soil.

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This science kit is well organized and informative, with 100 experiments included in a 15-section arrangement. Within each section is a number of tests, not unlike what you would encounter in school while using textbooks.

This chemistry set for kids goes beyond chemistry. It includes materials regarding physics and biology as well as chemistry so that students can learn how all these areas of science are related. The experiments include a chemistry angle, even if they are part of a different discipline, to give your child a more comprehensive view of how scientific concepts are part of things he or she encounters in daily life.

The Elements of Science experiments avoid abstract principles and focus on real-world applications of science, making the activities fun and educational at the same time. While the manual provides a wealth of information, conducting the hands-on chemistry experiments for kids helps them begin to absorb an understanding of science.

The equipment in this kit is very basic and mostly consists of measuring, mixing and storage supplies. Most of the equipment is made of plastic or metal, with the exception of one glass magnifying jar.

Although the supplies in this kit look cheap, they work well for the kit, and kids might be less intimidated by using plastic versions of classic lab equipment rather than more breakable items. More costly sets come with more equipment than this kit, but the equipment in this chemistry set is user-friendly for kids.

This chemistry kit comes with five chemicals and a few other substances for mixing, such as color tablets and colored gels. To complete all of the experiments, you also need some household items that are not included in the kit, such as sugar, salt and a few batteries. There is a sufficient supply of the provided chemicals to repeat the experiments more than once. Many popular chemistry sets call for some supplies and chemicals beyond what is in the box, but for this kit, you can find what you need at the grocery store, if you do not already have it around the house.

The Elements of Science kit comes with a detailed experiment procedure manual with step-by-step instructions for all the tests. The manual also contains explanations of the scientific principles behind each test. To maximize your child's learning from this kit, it is important to follow the instructions in the manual exactly and read the experiment explanations to understand why and how they work. The manual also includes cartoons and other graphic elements that help to explain the science lessons contained in the kit in a more kid-friendly way.


The Elements of Science kit is a great option for enhancing your child's education at home. The experiments in this kit are straightforward and plentiful, and they cover a wide range of topics.

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