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Mind Blowing Science Review

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PROS / Children as young as 4 can use and enjoy this kit, and the manual explains the scientific principles behind the experiments.

CONS / Since this kit includes only a few experiments, a child could enjoy them but end up finishing them all rather quickly.

 VERDICT / This enjoyable and informative kit can show young children how fascinating science can be, but it won't last them very long.

Children as young as 4 will be delighted with what they can do with this chemistry set for kids. What they learn with the Mind Blowing Science kit could spark a lifelong interest in virtually anything scientific. This chemistry set for kids set is simple, but not simple-minded – it is just age-appropriate and has enough hands-on activities to keep youngsters involved in what they are doing. However, unlike advanced chemistry sets that include many more experiments, your child will finish Mind Blowing Science quite fast and, most likely, will need a more extensive kit before very long.

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There are only a handful of experiments in the Mind Blowing Science kit, and this chemistry set is clearly aimed at quite young children. However, what is included is a blast. Youngsters can learn some basic scientific principles while mixing chemicals and watching colors change, touching sand that never gets wet and making magic ooze. They can make a small volcano that erupts – with changing colors, no less – and do traditional chemistry projects, such as growing crystals. The emphasis on weather and nature experiments has the added benefit of planting a seed of eco-consciousness in young scientists.

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The idea is that even without an abstract understanding of chemistry, kids can start to pick up scientific knowledge just by seeing it in action. These chemistry experiments for kids are meant to spark a child's general interest in how everyday things work. Most of the experiments are simple enough for a young child to conduct themselves (with supervision), which increases the child's engagement with the activity and therefore increases the associated learning process.

The Mind Blowing Science set includes a small selection of equipment. There are no glass parts, flame elements, batteries or anything else that might pose any danger. Most of the equipment in this science kit for kids consists of basic mixing, measuring and storage supplies. This chemistry set for kids also includes some items that are not used for any procedures but have interesting physical properties, such as sand that cannot get wet. The simple supply set in this kit is designed to be unintimidating to the young scientist.

Unlike some chemistry kits, the Mind Blowing Science set contains only a few chemicals. It also calls for such things as grape juice and flour, which are not included in the box, but which you will likely have at home or can easily get at a grocery store. The chemicals in this kit are not dangerous, but you should still supervise your child while he or she conducts the experiments. The manual contains not only instructions for conducting the experiments, but also the scientific principles each test demonstrates.


The Mind Blowing Science kit is the only one on our lineup that is appropriate for kids as young as 4, and as such, it has a very basic set of experiments and supplies. This chemistry for kids kit got higher ratings than some of our more extensive beginner chemistry sets because it contains a small but well-conceived set of experiments that are perfect for sparking scientific curiosity in young kids. However, you'll run through it quickly enough to need a replacement set before long.

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