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Beautify Your Home With Solar Lights

Solar Lights Review

Why Buy Solar Lights?

Solar lights provide welcome light and beautify your home at the same time without the need for additional electrical wiring. They can give you good lighting for a walkway, aim focus toward a prized feature of your lawn or water garden, and offer outdoor lighting on your patio for evenings outside. Solar lights are also popular for decks, swimming pools, plant groupings, statues, water features or other areas of interest. In addition, solar lights provide security by illuminating dark areas around your home, which discourages intruders. Some solar lights include Sunforce Solar Motion Light, Kenroy Home Landfall Solar Lamp and Free-Light Disc Solar Pathway Lights.

Solar Lights: What to Look For

The type of solar lights you buy depends on their intended use. Lights to illuminate walkways come in individual solar lights, strings of lights, and those you can mount on an outside wall or under the eaves of your home. In addition, solar-powered lamps work well in outdoor patio areas and avoid the necessity for an electric cord, which is a problem during inclement weather. Those looking for additional light to provide security may prefer solar lights that broadcast light around a larger area, while those looking for pathway lights may prefer a narrower range of light that illuminates only the path.

Lumens measure the level of brightness and can vary considerably in solar lights. While 1 watt can produce 20 lumens, a low light level, solar lights can come in a much higher lumen rating. When buying solar lights, look for the number of lumens, since lower brightness for walkways prevents glare and higher brightness in areas such as around swimming pools covers more area.

Number of Lights
Some solar lights are sold alone to place in particular areas. Others connect in strings to illuminate longer areas such as gardens, decks, sidewalks or parking areas and provide softer lighting. The type you choose depends on location and the size of the area you wish to illuminate.

Some solar lights give you the ability to change the batteries when needed, which can extend the life of the lights indefinitely. With other types, you must replace the light when it no longer operates. An advantage of lights without replaceable batteries is that they cost much less than the other type.

Changeable Settings
Most solar lights have only one setting. Some come with an adjustable setting, so your solar lights also work during the day. This is a useful feature when using solar lights for added illumination or motion detection in areas such as garages or workshops. However, using a solar light during for work during the day in addition to the nighttime makes the battery drain more quickly.

Solar lights can cast light from a range of 2 feet up to 38 feet. The type you buy depends on its intended use. Some individuals prefer pathway or garden lights to have a shorter range. On the other hand, solar lights used for patios or security need to cover a wider area.

Solar lights come in many types and sizes, including for use as garden, patio and walkway lighting; as table lamps for outdoor living areas; and as security measures. Ease of installation, movability and the wide variety available makes solar lighting a practical addition to traditional lighting.