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NetSpend Review

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PROS / The daily ATM withdrawal limit is higher than other cards.

CONS / NetSpend prepaid debit cards have high ATM fees both domestically and internationally.

 VERDICT / NetSpend has high fees but is more generous with its withdrawal and deposit limits than other cards.

NetSpend is a versatile prepaid debit card with the highest maximum balance of the cards we reviewed. This card has multiple options for loading funds and high withdrawal limits, but there are high fees and as a result, we have given this card our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

  1. The monthly cost of owning the card
    Money (less is better)
  2. 3 NetSpend
    5 Dollars
  3. 3 Dollars
  4. 3 Dollars
  5. Category Average
    5.32 Dollars

NetSpend is available in three different plans: the default Pay-As-You-Go-Plan, the FeeAdvantage Plan and the NetSpend Premier FeeAdvantage plan. You can adjust your plan through NetSpend's website. In order to upgrade to the Premier plan, you need to have a certain amount direct deposited into your account in one month. NetSpend cards are available as both Mastercard and VISA cards and can be used anywhere those cards are accepted.

Fees & Charges

The Premier plan has fewer fees than the other plans, but NetSpend cards still have higher fees than other cards we reviewed. Even with the Premier plan, the monthly fee is still high. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan doesn't have a monthly fee but charges a fee for each transaction you make.

There is also a high fee for ATM withdrawals. NetSpend is not part of any ATM networks, so you have to pay the fees anytime you use an ATM. The international withdrawal fee and conversion fees are also high. You are also charged a fee for closing your account, replacing a card or getting paper statements in the mail. To see the current fee amounts, consult the NetSpend website.


NetSpend doesn't require a credit check to sign up for the card. This isn't a credit card and won't impair or improve your credit. You can receive alerts about your account through text messages and manage your account through the NetSpend website. A smartphone app for iPhone and Android offers the same functionality as the website.

One of the benefits of signing up for a Premier account is that you are allowed to open a savings account. The savings account offers a decent APY.

Funding Options

We rating NetSpend high for the availability of the funding options it offers. This reloadable debit card offers one of the highest maximum balances of any of the cards we reviewed. It also offers higher withdrawal and deposit limits than other cards. You can add funds to your NetSpend card through direct deposit, bank transfers, Western Union and MoneyPak. In addition to these, NetSpend also has a network of over 100,000 reload centers across the countries. Some of them may charge you a fee to reload your card.

Help & Support

NetSpend offers multiple options for help and support. There is a FAQs section on the site that helps explain some of the basic features of the card. You can also contact NetSpend through email or over the phone if you have questions or need help with your account.


NetSpend is a prepaid debit card that has several different plans you can sign up for. The best of these is the Premier plan, which requires you to direct deposit a certain amount in the first month. The Premier plan also includes a savings account. NetSpend stands out from the other cards we reviewed with its high maximum balance and withdrawal limits. It has strong features but high fees, particularly when using ATMs.