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Pros / This day trading charting software is easy to use; it provides free end-of-day market data and supports many world markets.

Cons / Direct support options are limited and ProRealTime charges for SMS alerts.

 Verdict / This is not the best choice for this product category.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Day Trading Software here.

ProRealTime is day trading software that takes the guesswork out of finding good stocks to trade; it provides numerous strategies and suggested indicators so you can quickly spot the best investments for quick gains.

They also provide an easy to install free trial and two workstations, the Complete Workstation and the Simplified Workstation. They provide free, end-of-day market data and they offer numerous markets to choose from individually. For example, you can choose 47 major currency pairs, NASDAQ Equities and Indices and World Indices.

We found ProRealTime’s chart easy to customize. You can click on any section of the chart and see the exact information for that selected time section on the chart. It is also easy to scroll through the time line of the chart and to change the units, the time frame and indicators. We also liked how each choice option comes with an explanation or right-click options. In addition, ProRealTime provides a powerful simulator for risk free trading.

This day trading software provides extraordinary charting tools. It also supports multiple screens so you can watch numerous charts and lists. The only thing we didn’t like about their complete workstation is that each section is separated into modules; however, that does make it easier to move modules to different monitors. For example, the ProRealTime control panel, the list module, a FOREX chart and a DOW chart can be moved to anywhere you want them. The simplified workstation offers one easy to use control panel with simply a list and chart displayed.

To access the complete or simplified workstation you have to log in to their website and launch the program, which was a bit annoying since it requires a small Java download every time. The advantage to this is that the software is always updated and it can be accessed from any computer, even Macs. We also liked that they offer their software in Italian, French, Spanish and English.

ProRealTime does not offer a choice of stock data services. We contacted them to clarify this and they responded that their software only works with the data service they provide. However, on the positive side, you do not have to pay for an extra data service and they provide up to 11 years of historical data.

This day trading software only works with its own proprietary trading platform.

This day trading service provides SMS alerts, but only the first three per month are free. Otherwise, you can purchase SMS alerts in 50 unit blocks at about 30 Euros or 37 USD per block.

Online ProRealTime offers few additional resources beyond back testing strategies, information on indicators and screener and template help.

ProRealTime can only be contacted by email; however, when we emailed them they responded with relevant information within about 20 minutes. They also provide a “suggestion box” for suggested improvements and they may write code for you if you request it.


We think ProRealTime is good software but not the best. We would like to see them offer data and stock trading service options and lower priced SMS support.

ProRealTime Visit Site