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LendingTree Review

PROS / LendingTree matches you with multiple offers from lenders and dealers.

CONS / As a broker, the options for online repayment depend on the lender you choose.

 VERDICT / LendingTree is the best auto loan broker in our review, with a quick application process that connects you with multiple funding options.

LendingTree is one of the largest and most well-known loan brokers operating today. An auto loan service is one of the many types of financial products it offers. LendingTree has an easy online application process and offers flexible auto financing through dealers and financial institution combined with excellent customer service. For these reasons, LendingTree earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Loan Versatility

One benefit of choosing a loan service instead of dealership for your auto loan is that it can offer you versatility that other sources lack. Brokers in particular offer the versatility of choosing the loan with the rates and terms that best match your current financial situation.

As a broker, LendingTree's versatility and flexibility are among the best of the car loan services we reviewed. It received a 100 percent on our flexibility score. It's important to find flexible loans that can be used if you already have a car in mind or if you want to shop around and find the right vehicle for you. Because LendingTree is a broker, you have the option of getting funding through a financial institution or a dealer, which allows you to shop around both for funding and for vehicles.

One of the benefits of choosing a broker is that you receive multiple offers. You can use the funding you receive to purchase a vehicle from franchised and independent dealers. Franchised dealers are contracted with a certain manufacturer, sell new cars and usually have service departments. Independent dealerships usually have a wider selection, mainly of used cars. You can also purchase cars from a private seller, though you need to apply for a personal loan to get those funds.

Since LendingTree is a broker, it sets no restrictions on the mileage and age of a car you can get a loan for. You need to consult with the lender you choose to see if it has any restrictions.

Application & Repayment

LendingTree is a broker, which means that it doesn't provide the loans itself, but it does connect you with organizations that do. In order to receive loan offers, you apply online. As part of the application, you submit your Social Security number as well as information about your employment and income. This is so that LendingTree can match you with an appropriate lender. It's important to note that as part of the application, a credit check is made, which can affect your credit score.

Once you've applied, this auto loan service matches you with offers from financial institutions and, in some cases, local dealers. Some of the main financial institutions that provide auto loans through LendingTree are Capital One Auto Finance and Citifinancial Auto.

LendingTree receives a 98 percent on our ease of application score. This score rates the online application process, the speed of pre-approval and the other documents that are required. Since LendingTree is a broker and doesn't provide the loans itself, the other documents you need to submit and whether that process can be done online depend on what lender's offer you choose to accept. But you also have the freedom to choose a lender that has the best application process. LendingTree has a speedy pre-approval time; you should expect to receive offers no later than 24 hours after you apply.

As a broker, there's no monthly minimum income you need to have to apply. This can affect the rates on the loan you receive, but you can apply with any amount of monthly income.

Since LendingTree does not directly administer loans, it does not offer a platform to set up automatic payments. Whether or not automatic payments are available depends on the lender you choose, but we recommend making sure this feature is available since it can save you the trouble of remembering to send in a monthly check. Most financial institutions offer automatic payments, so it should be available if that's where you choose to get a loan from.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important facet of auto loan services, and LendingTree offers excellent support, receiving a 100 percent on our customer service score. The reps our reviewers spoke to were quick to answer our questions and patiently explained the application process. Follow-up questions through email were promptly answered. You can also find a wide variety of information about auto loans on the LendingTree website, including articles, FAQs and calculators to help you understand the process before you apply.


LendingTree is a lending broker that offers auto loans as one of its services. It is the best broker in our review of auto loan services, with an easy application process and flexible loan offerings. Since LendingTree is a broker and does not directly administer loans, there is some variability in what the lenders may require. The one advantage is that LendingTree gives you multiple offers from reputable lenders and offers you the opportunity to choose the best loan for yourself.

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