Lending Tree will provide you with multiple auto loan offers from banks like Wells Fargo and Chase, dealerships and other financial institutions. Through its auto loan portal, you can apply for new and used car loans. There are also tools to help you find cars from local dealerships.

Lending Tree is a broker, which means it doesn't provide the loans itself, but it does connect you with organizations that do. In order to receive loan offers, you apply online. As part of the application, you submit your Social Security number as well as information about your employment and income. This enables Lending Tree to match you with an appropriate lender.

It's important to note that as part of the application, a credit check is made, which can affect your credit score. A credit check is necessary so that the lenders can provide you with rate quotes. Typically, if you’re shopping around for a good auto loan rate, you’ll get multiple quotes, which all require their own credit pull. If you confine this to a single period, usually 14 days, then those credit pulls are only counted once.

Lending Tree’s website includes an auto loan calculator, which we recommend using before you apply. Using the calculator will give you an idea what you can expect your monthly payment to be, depending on the term, amount and interest rate of a hypothetical loan. The calculator doesn’t take your credit score into account though.

You can use the funding you receive to purchase a vehicle from franchised and independent dealers. Franchised dealers are contracted with a certain manufacturer, sell new cars and usually have service departments. Independent dealerships usually have a wider selection, mainly of used cars. You can also purchase cars from a private seller, though you need to apply for a personal loan to get those funds.

Since Lending Tree is a broker, it sets no restrictions on the mileage and age of a car you can get a loan for. You need to consult with the lender you choose to see if it has any restrictions. Although your monthly income can affect the rates on the loan you receive, you can apply no matter what your monthly income is.

Since Lending Tree does not directly administer loans, it does not offer a platform to set up automatic payments. Whether or not automatic payments are available depends on the lender you choose, but we recommend making sure this feature is available since it can save you the trouble of remembering to send in a monthly check. Most financial institutions offer automatic payments, so it should be available if that's where you choose to get a loan from.

You can find a wide variety of information about auto loans on the Lending Tree website, including articles, FAQs and calculators to help you understand the process before you apply.

Lending Tree is a broker that provides you with multiple offers from reputable lenders and allows you to choose the best offer. Because this company does not directly administer loans, there is some variability in what the lenders may require.

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