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up2drive Review

PROS / This loan service provides you with a voucher you can take to different dealerships.

CONS / You don't receive multiple loan offers when you apply for a loan through up2drive.

 VERDICT / Through up2drive, you can apply online for a car loans, and while it doesn't give you multiple offers, it does allow you to set up automatic payments.

up2drive is an online auto loan service and a division of BMW Bank of North America. Through this service, you can apply and receive a voucher that can be used at dealerships of your choosing. It's a good option if you're interested in using an online service to get a car loan but want to work with a direct lender rather than a broker.


The application process for a loan through up2drive takes place online. In our ease of application score, this service received an 83 percent. Once you've applied, you should receive approval on the same day, often within an hour. For most applications, the only other documentation you need is a driver's license. Both of these rank up2drive among the best loan services in our review for ease of use. The reason it scored lower than other services is that you cannot sign the documents online; you need to print them off and take them to the dealer when you purchase a vehicle.

With up2drive, you can set up automatic payments, see your statements and manage your loan through an online portal. In order to apply for a loan, you need to meet up2drive's monthly minimum income threshold of $1,800. This is a fairly standard restriction that it shares with many other services we reviewed.

Another criterion we consider important when choosing an auto loan service is the versatility of the loans they offer. We found up2drive lacks some important features in this area. It did score an 80 percent on our flexibility score, only so low because it doesn't give you multiple offers like some of the other services we reviewed. You can use your loan to shop around, and you don't need to have a specific car in mind when you apply. Another significant drawback of this service is that it doesn't have any tools to help you find cars online.

up2drive has quality customer service, though it can take some navigating through phone menus to find the right person to speak to, especially if you just want to learn about the service. The customer service features are bare bones; it does not have a knowledgebase or live chat online. It does have an automated assistant that can help answer basic questions, though we recommend calling to learn more.


up2drive is an auto loan service that offers quick approval and online applications. It is missing some features, like the ability to shop and compare cars online. If you want a loan through a direct lender, it may be a good choice.