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Pros / The site has a lot of information available for customers regarding mortgages and refinancing.

Cons / Lender fees are not displayed on site.

 Verdict / Customers should look into other companies first before GMAC.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison due to a 2012 bankruptcy. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

GMAC Mortgage helps individuals who are considering Mortgage and Refinance in several ways. Not only can they help you find a lender that will give you the type of loan you want, but they calculate your costs and payments to determine whether refinancing will even be beneficial for you. The site has a lot of great information and the service is a valuable one for those who are in financial trouble – especially those who may end up facing foreclosure without refinancing.

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Rates & Fees

There are several features available with GMAC mortgage, including the ability for customers to apply online. With their mortgage calculators, GMAC helps individuals determine what benefits they would receive with refinancing. Their site is secure as well, so individuals can input information, knowing that it will be encrypted and safe from potentially dangerous hands. Mortgage rate information is available by request. GMAC is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but individuals should know that companies must seek out accreditation and if a company does not have it, it does not necessarily mean something negative. There is a lot of information available for individuals so they can determine the differences between types of refinancing and what it might mean for them. They also offer several different types of refinancing, like fixed and variable rate APR, balloon mortgage, FHA mortgage, VA mortgage and no-interest mortgages.

Eligibility & Requirements

One of the downfalls of GMAC is that lender fees are not indicated on the site in any way. This may be enough to throw customers off right away, since most similar services outline whether they have fees and how much those fees are. It’s clear that there will be monthly fees with GMAC, depending upon the type of lender chosen. Costs will differ depending upon credit as well. They do give the option of calling, though, so if customers don’t mind taking that extra step to call, they can find out the fees. However, many customers may simply move on to the next company on their list.

Customer Experience

For individuals considering refinancing, having a company that can easily answer their questions and address their concerns is very important. GMAC offers the options of telephone, email and finding the answers to your questions through the FAQ, or frequently asked questions section. Often, customers can find their answers easily there, because other customers have asked them in the past. The company does not offer on site chat the way some others do, and they don’t currently have a blog where customers can find other valuable information.


GMAC Mortgage is worthy of a strong recommendation. With a wide variety of features and on-site tools that customers can use to ensure that they receive the best possible loans, it’s a great choice for many people. If the company sought out a BBB accreditation and perhaps focused more on providing information regarding cost and customer service, the overall rate might be higher. For a look at other leading lending services, see our mortgage refinancing review site.

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