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Pros / Nationstar provides USDA loans for rural properties and jumbo loans.

Cons / It's difficult to reach a loan agent.

 Verdict / Nationstar's call center made reaching a loan agent a frustrating experience. However, loan agents were knowledgeable and willing to share information, and this mortgage company can provide USDA and jumbo loans.

Nationstar is an online mortgage lender that services the entire United States, including Washington DC, except Alaska. Its call center is problematic, but the loan officers are competent and easy to work with. This lender offers conventional and government program loans, including ones for rural or larger properties.

In addition to the usual home loans offered by most lenders, this private mortgage lender can provide USDA loans for rural properties. Other companies may offer this program, but Nationstar was the only one to make a point of it. It can also offer jumbo loans. It does not provide construction loans.

Nationstar does not post interest rates on its website, but we were able to secure a sample rate when we contacted a loan officer. Their rates were significantly higher than the rates quoted by other agencies. This mortgage lender charges bank fees, payable at closing, but it pays for your appraisal, something most banks don't do. Therefore, even though the fee itself is average for the lenders we evaluated, with the appraisal thrown in, your costs are less than with most lenders.

We had a frustrating experience when calling this mortgage lender. The phone number on the website is not correct but transfers you to second number and sometimes a third. Several times our calls simply dropped during the transfer. According to the agent we finally reached, Nationstar uses a foreign call center for customer service.

Nonetheless, the agents we talked to were very knowledgeable about mortgages and were only one of two companies that informed us of upcoming changes to FHA regulations that might affect our test-case situation. An online form for initiating the loan process might be your best option for easily reaching an agent.

Nationstar's website has a detailed calculator for determining how much you can borrow, but otherwise, the tips are mostly geared toward Nationstar products. It did have a section for low-income families with links to resources such as getting food assistance.

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The difficulty reaching a loan agent over the phone greatly detracts from the ease of getting a loan from Nationstar, and the rates are somewhat higher than those of other mortgage companies, based on our comparisons of rates we were quoted from Nationstar with the industry averages. However, its loan officers were knowledgeable, and this company offers USDA loans specifically for rural properties. While it may not be the best home mortgage company, it is worth looking into if you don’t mind contacting the company via online form.

Nationstar Mortgage Visit Site