Finance of America Reverse LLC (formerly, Urban Financial of America) is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This reverse mortgage lender is licensed to operate in 43 states and Puerto Rico. UFA specializes in reverse mortgages and doesn't offer any other types of loans.

UFA offers a standard package of reverse mortgages or Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) as they are also referred to in the industry. Options for payout include a lump sum, monthly installments or a line of credit. These compare well with American Advisors Group and Retirement Funding Solutions.

Urban Financial is one of the few lenders that offer a proprietary or jumbo reverse mortgage. Its HomeSafe loan is designed for owners of high-value homes. There is a cap on most reverse mortgages of nearly $500,000, but the HomeSafe loan offers you the potential to receive over $2 million from a reverse mortgage.

Proprietary mortgages are not insured and don't require a mortgage insurance fee. The HomeSafe reverse mortgage also allows borrowers to access all their funds up front. Other loans only allow you to access 60 percent of the funds in the first year. A jumbo loan carries more risks with it than a regular HECM, but it is option to investigate if you own a home with high equity or a home that may not otherwise be eligible for a reverse mortgage.

UFA's website features reasons why you might consider a reverse mortgage, such as retirement planning or paying for medical bills, and the commercials also mention home improvements much like you’d get with a home equity loan. This reverse mortgage lender has some general FAQs and customer testimonials on the website. It does not cover the negative side of reverse mortgages, aside some general reassurances. There is no reverse mortgage calculator or estimation tool, but you'll find a form that allows you to request more information from UFA.

Finance of America Reverse LLC provides reverse mortgages that you can take in payments or as a lump sum. It has received good customer reviews on consumer sites, particularly while Urban Financial of America. It does not offer reverse mortgage solutions in seven states, however. The footnotes on the website lists the states where it operates. You can reach this company by phone, email or online contact form.

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