It has been nearly 20 years since the public began purchasing domain names, with tens of millions of domains that have sold or registered since the advent of the internet. A now burgeoning industry exists to serve the needs of these sites; with domain hosting being one of the most important services a site owner must set-up from the beginning of the website creation process.

A lot has changed since domain hosting services were first offered. There are now dozens of new features provided with standard domain hosting services, which we've outlined in our review. Many customers who are shopping for personal-sized plans don’t even realize these new features exist, let alone look for them when comparing domain hosting services. However, many of these features can make a huge difference in the ease in management of your site.

The latest features we’ve highlighted below are proof that the future is unlimited when it comes to the services customers can expect from a domain hosting service. Whether you’re looking for a hard-to-find-extension and want to host it internationally or if you’re looking to complete a bulk domain transfer, the latest features offered by present day domain hosting services are sure to impress.

Advanced Domain Extensions: With new domain extensions being created every year, it is important the domain hosting service you choose offers the latest extensions, giving you the best choice of domain names when you’re searching through available domains. Some of the latest domains that services should have include .co, .me, .mobi, .biz and .tv. It's also important to check if the service provides extensive international domain extensions, as some US-based domain hosting services cannot register every international domain.

Web Analytics: Tracking the traffic of your site is of paramount importance because it helps compute advertising space cost, so having a domain hosting service that provides web analytics (site traffic stats) is an important feature to have when choosing a domain hosting service. Look for Webalizer, a popular widget used to track stats. Most quality hosting services offer this tool. Web analytics can also track the traffic on your subdomains.

cPanel Control Panel: The #1 rated control panel used for managing your website is the cPanel control panel. The cPanel is found on several hosting services in our review and it organizes the functions and features that are available. It also uses colorful icons, and places them in appropriate sections, making for an intuitive set-up.

Domain Privacy: Protecting your identity is a very popular feature among site owners. Domain privacy makes it possible to hide your name, mailing address and phone number, which is legally required to be listed in the WHOIS database -- a public database that lists the owner of every registered domain.

Blog Templates: With blogging more popular than ever, and potential customers wanting to purchase domains solely for the purpose of hosting their blog, many of the domain hosting services in our review offer WordPress support, one of the most popular blogging platforms available, as well as support for other blogging platforms such as b2evolution and Joomla.

The world of domain hosting services continues to transform for the better and the additional features that are becoming standard are of only benefit to you. From offering the latest domain extensions in countries around the globe, to providing easy-to-use website controls and offering new features with each passing year, domain hosting services remains an industry to watch.

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