Pros / The homepage is simple, uncluttered and easy to use.

Cons / Hybrid cars are in short supply with this service.

 Verdict / This car rental service is widely available and makes the process of renting a car relatively easy, but there is limited information on the website and the company offers few green options.

Avis is a reliable car rental service with a minimalistic, functional homepage. There is nothing but a form to get you started on renting a car. Avis has locations all over the U.S. and Canada, so finding locations in areas you need should not be a problem. However, its vehicle options are limited compared to many other services.

This site's homepage is simple. The reservation tool is essentially the only item on the website's homepage, and sales ads are located at the bottom of the page. This simplicity means that some things are missing. The car selection is somewhat limited. The company doesn't offer commercial trucks or pickups, but it has added hybrids to the lineup.

However, its supply of hybrid vehicles is quite limited. We searched a number of locations online and were only able to find a Toyota Prius hybrid available at a few major airports like the Boston Logan International Airport, Los Angeles's LAX and New York's JFK, but most of the locations we searched didn't have any hybrid options. If hybrid cars were a significant part of Avis' fleet, you would expect to find them at all the major locations and a number of minor ones.

However, Avis is taking steps in the right direction in the earth-friendly sector. Avis states that most of its subcompact, compact, intermediate and standard car options are SmartWay certified. This means it has an earth-friendly fleet and has policies in place to conserve water, energy, noise, natural resources and landfill contributions.

Even though Avis offers a one-way rental service, which allows you to pick up at one location and drop off at another, some locations don't allow you to book one-way car rentals online. On the plus side, it does offer many helpful rental features such as child seats and GPS.

If you hate to refuel your rental car before you return it, you can choose to purchase a tank of fuel ahead of time on the website. The site doesn't say if this saves you more money than just returning the car empty. Other sites in our car rental reviews state clearly whether or not it saves you money. Avis' site simply says the rate is comparable to local pumps.

While there are not numerous customer service options available, the ones Avis has are helpful. There is a live chat link you can access from the homepage and different toll-free numbers for rates and reservation, car sales, website service and general customer service. There is no email option on any of the links, which the live chat option often eliminates the need for. There is also a FAQs section to help you find answers.

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Though Avis' website gets high marks for its simple, uncluttered homepage, this car rental company lacks some features we like to see, like a wide hybrid car availability and a strong, clear refueling policy. While this service has some nice features to recommend it, we’d like to see a bigger fleet to match the service's wide availability throughout the U.S., Canada and other countries.