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AMT Warranty Review

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PROS / The number of products AMT Warranty covers is extensive.

CONS / The service plans are larger and don't apply to individual consumers.

 VERDICT / There is a reason AMT Warranty is so trusted. The company puts a lot of value in retaining businesses as customers and provides a great asset for risk management.

AMT Warranty is a small branch of AmTrust Financial Services, which deals with specialty risk, property and casualty insurance policies for businesses. The AMT Warranty division specializes in electronic products that range from fitness equipment and power tools to home warranty services. The company has established itself as one of the leading providers of extended warranties on the market.

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As with many of its competitors in our TopTenREVIEWS rankings, AMT puts its focus on dealing with small- to medium-sized businesses and creating service contracts best suited for bulk-sized purchases. Unlike other providers, AMT's website is easy to understand, and there is a great deal of information that shows exactly what they cover, and the other services they provide for companies.

An extended warranty service plan is AMT Warranty's program that provides customers with the highest level of coverage. They can be set up to protect new electronic products against most, if not all, potential malfunctions or failures, including those that are not covered by the product's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

The claims processing and service features available through AMT Warranty's extended warranty services include a professional and experienced staff. They primarily handle repair and replacement services, along with accidental damage from handling (ADH), and an automated and paperless claim service system.

Some of the features the company can write into its extended service plans include repair and replacement plans, extended warranty service terms and other upgrades that can cover express service and on-site service. They also offer their customers strategies for simplifying the configuration and implementation of their individual programs.

Replacement, repair and ADH warranty programs through this company cover consumer electronics, such as computers and their accessories and peripherals, appliances and telecommunication equipment. The company also administers a distinctive warranty service feature to retailers and distributors called Protect-it, which allows these outlets to increase the coverage they provide in their own extended service programs.

Protect-it is a wallet-sized card that businesses purchase from AMT Warranty and then sell to their customers. The Protect-it card is designed to function like a credit card in that the retail business or distributor can set it up in an extensive assortment of coverage types and cost options.

Some of these great features include AMT's customer service and call centers that offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their Customer Care Solutions educate customers on the various solutions available to them when they are in the process of making and handling a claim. Their Aftermarket Solutions provide service to customers who didn't buy an extended warranty service plan when they made their initial purchase of a new product.


AMT Warranty is a solid choice as an electronics warranty and service contract provider. Its services are suited for businesses, rather than individuals. If you do need a larger contract, AMT can provide you with a Protect-it card to keep customers loyal to your services while also extending the reach of local outlets that can provide additional coverage.