Security National Life Final Expense Insurance Review

Security National has the final expense options but lacks a personal touch.

Security National Life review
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Security National Life might be worthy of consideration if you've left arranging your final expense insurance relatively late in life. There are a number of plan options, and various cover limits too, but overall the proposition lacks the personal touch, and fails to provide upfront the information that most people would want before taking such an important decision.


  • +

    Can apply up to age 90

  • +

    No medical examination


  • -

    Little information without sharing details

  • -

    Prefers business conducted online

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Established in 1965, Security National Life might still be considered a relative upstart among some of the best final expense insurance companies. However, it is a final expense provider that has achieved much in its time, including becoming the first funeral insurance company to offer an app for your phone. 

The overarching Security National business also offers life insurance and mortgage loans, as well as funeral services that are a natural extension of those offered by most final expense insurers. 

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Security National Life review: What you need to know

Security National Life's final expense insurance policy differs from most in that it can be purchased up to the ripe old age of 90. 

There are three plan options, all of which are whole of life policies, meaning they won't expire and the premium you pay will not change. There are three plans available, with the one that you qualify for ultimately depending on your health - beware that it may prove the case that you're not eligible for any of the plans. That said, there are no medical examinations - everything is determined by your answers to a specially designed health questionnaire. 

Security National Life review: Plan options

The cheapest option is the preferred plan, which comes with immediate protection, as does the second cheapest - the standard plan. Costing more, and the option which has a two-year waiting period too, is the graded plan. 

Essentially, the preferred plan is available to you if you have none of the conditions you are questioned about on the application. The standard plan is then available if you have none of the most serious conditions in question, but are diabetic. 

The graded plan is therefore the plan that is available if you have certain more serious ailments within the past couple of years - however, tick three of the boxes, and it's unlikely that Security National Life will be willing to take you on at all.  

Security National Life review: Finer details

Applicants between the ages of 40 and 85 are allowed to apply for the graded plan, with the upper limit rising to 90 for the immediately in-force plans. 

The minimum cover across all plans is $2,500, with the maximum then dependent on your age at application and the plan type - the older you are, the smaller the cover that you will be entitled to take out. The preferred plan allows up to $35,000, while the maximum on the standard and graded policies is $25,000. 

Security National Life review: Service

Security National Life prefers to conduct its business online, which should definitely be considered when taking into account whether to choose this policy. The process is straightforward for those who are proficient computer and internet users, but is likely to deter those who are less comfortable online. A phone number is available when loved ones need to make a claim. 

The website itself might benefit from a greater array of supportive information and more insight into the plans on offer. It also comes across as fairly business like, and is quite heavily devoted to attracting new sales agents, which can be rather confusing if all you want to do is take out a final expense insurance policy.

Should you use Security National Life final expense insurance?

Security National Life might be a good option if you're of advancing years and searching for final expense insurance to take the financial burden away from your loved ones on your passing. That said, the online application process - and the prevalence of sales agent recruitment on the website - makes for a relatively impersonal experience in what is essentially a very personal matter. 

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