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Humana Dental Insurance review

High quality service where you get what you pay for

Our Verdict

Humana is one of the largest insurers in the US meaning strong financial support but also wide coverage with availability in all 50 states. Plans range from PPO to DHMO and include both in-network and specialist dentists as optional too. The website and app are useful with adjustable plans and savings of up to 45 percent. Not all plans cover orthodontics and sealants over 14 and there is an enrollment fee.


  • Six plans available
  • Nationwide coverage
  • App and online support


  • Enrolment fee

Humana dental insurance: What you need to know

Humana dental insurance is one of the largest providers in the US, covering all 50 states and offering solid financial backing. With an A or better rating from Fitch, A.M. Best, Moody's and Standard & Poor, this is a really solid insurer.

Lots of plans are available, six in total, which offer a broad range of options - that can be tweaked easily online via the website or the app. The PPO and DHMO plans include no deductibles for ease of mind, allowing for better budgeting. There is also a veteran specific plan for even greater savings. 

Humana dental insurance is available individually or through a healthcare program via your employer. There is a selection on in-network dentists to give you the best possible savings but you can also use out of network options if that's easier for you. And it should be easy as you don't need a referral from your primary care dentist.

A Complete Dental plan is a nice option for those that just want to know that everything they could need is covered. But there is plenty more to pick from if that's not for you. Read on to find out what you need to know about Humana dental insurance. 

Policies: How much does Humana dental insurance cost?

  • Prices start at around $20
  • Six payment plans available
Humana dental insurance: key facts

Coverage options: PPO, DHMO and vouchers

Plans available: Six

Snapshot: In-network savings up to 45 percent

Pricing will vary by state but you can expect most to start at around the $20 mark for decent coverage. But, again, it all depends on the plan options that you go for and if you want to use things like a family saving. Or for veterans there are savings to be had for a specific plan there.

If you want to combine your dental and vision insurance you can also make savings so that's worth thinking about if and when you sign-up.

Humana dental insurance: Snapshot

  • In-network savings up to 45 percent
  • Over 270,000 dental offices

Humana dental has one of the largest networks of dentists available in the US with a staggering 270,000 options across the states. What this means is that you could make a saving by using an in-network dentist but without having to travel far. Some specific treatments may require a specialist dentist. This is where Humana does well since it has so many options, even for unique treatments you may be able to stay with an in-network dentist for the most affordable option, without going far.

There are lots of resources available on the Humana website that allow you to educate yourself on the dental insurance options. The result should be that you end up with the perfect cover to save you money without scrimping on treatments or going out of your way to get them.

Humana dental insurance: What is covered?

  • No wait preventative
  • Exams, x-rays and cleanings

Preventative services, like exams, x-rays and cleanings, from Humana are offered with no waiting period at all. By comparison some of the other more major services can have a six month waiting list. Major dental work includes root canals, crowns and dentures.

Basic service covered include fillings, extractions and emergency care. Each plan covers different levels of care with varying prices.

Humana dental insurance: Which is the best plan for me?

  • PPO, DHMO and Savings Plus
  • Six options

When it comes to options, Humana is one of the best with lots to pick from meaning there should be something that suits your needs perfectly. 

To be clear on what follows, "Basic procedures" refers to things like fillings, extractions and x-rays. "Major services" are root canals, crown and dentures.

The plans available are:

  • Dental Loyalty Plus: In and out network dentists, one time deductible of $150.
  • Dental Value Plan: This HMO plan covers 100 percent of preventative services with a $0 deductible. Copays are needed for in-network basic and major procedures.
  • Dental Preventative Plus: Both in and out of network dentists apply with a $50 deductible. X-rays and cleanings are totally covered with no copay. All preventative care is covered with no waiting periods although for basic procedures and oral surgery it's a six month wait.
  • Dental Savings Plus: Discounts for using in-network dentists, as such this is not an insurance plan. That means no waiting periods, a quote for services and a one-time $15 enrollment fee.
  • Complete Dental: No waiting periods and affordable deductibles. Preventive services are free after deductible, basic services are 80 percent covered after deductible and major services are 50 percent covered, you guessed it, after deductible. 
  • Preventative Plus for Veterans: Applies to any dentist in or out of network, with annual $50 deductible. No waiting period for preventive care and a six-month wait for the others. Routine cleaning and x-rays are covered totally.

Humana dental insurance: What do users say?

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of just 1.5
  • BBB rating of A+

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Humana an impressive A+ rating. But since this is accredited that rating is the usual one to expect from BBB. Customer complaints on the site are at 398 with an average 3.71 out of five stars based on 45 customer reviews.

ConsumerAffairs gives a score of 1.5 stars out of five based on 150 customer reviews. Positives include great customer care and assistance while negatives are about lack of statewide coverage and denials of care.

Humana dental insurance: Verdict

Humana dental insurance offers a great range of plans with six in total, one specifically helping out veterans with a good deal. That means money saving both for in-network and out of network dentists, but with a network of over 270,000 dental offices you'll be likely to find one near you.

Humana offers PPO, DHMO and discount plans so there should be something for everyone. The company itself is well rated by BBB although there are complaint reviews out there too. But for nationwide coverage, decent prices and a wide range of options this is a real contender.