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United Healthcare Golden Rule Dental Insurance review

Affordable, broad coverage with lots of dentists

Our Verdict

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance offers a wealth of experience and the stability of a huge company. The care itself includes lots of free preventive cover. Plans are varied with options for everyone including elderly, children and those that want to use out of network dentists. Some customers claim they didn't receive the payout they wanted but on the whole reviews are decent and the dentists network is reasonably wide.


  • Over 85,000 dental offices
  • No age restrictions
  • Four plans


  • No endodontics cover

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: What you need to know

Is it United Healthcare or is it Golden Rule Insurance Company dental? It's both. United is the parent company that bought out Golden Rule in 2003 and now uses it as an underwriter. To make it even more complicated this falls under the UnitedHealthOne Insurance Company arm of United Healthcare. Naming is clearly a mess, but the dental offerings are less complicated.

We say that, but this is one of the few dental insurance companies to offer as many as four different insurance plans. This is a positive when it comes to choice but, once again, may be more complicated than needed for some. What is stable is the company, with over 65 years of experience and an A+ rating from Standard & Poor's meaning you don't need to worry about financial support from this Fortune 500 company.

Go online and you'll be able to browse the plan options to find the best for you where it's possible to check pricing there and then. You can also apply for the plan for you online making the process very straightforward. 

Expect most preventative care to be covered for free with lots more beyond that covered too. The only thing you may find lacking is endodontics, so if that's what you need this might not be the insurer for you. For everything else read on as you can find out everything you need to know about United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance. 

Policies: How much does United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance cost?

  • Prices start at around $21 and go to about $192
  • Four payment plans available
United Healthcare Golden Rule Insurance: key facts

Coverage options: PPO

Plans available: Four

Snapshot: In-network savings up to 85 percent

The cost of care really varies since the plans have so many options. That means you might be eligible for as little as around $21 per month payment or you may want to go all the way up to $192. 

Realistically, for most people, pricing is going to range from $35 to $55 per month. At the minimum the annual max benefit tops out at $1,000 while at the top end that reaches $2,000. 

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: Snapshot

  • In-network savings up to 85 percent
  • Over 85,000 dental offices

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance uses a decent website to give you quotes quickly and easily on the plan for you. This, it claims, can take as little as 30 seconds and that seems close to fair. Input a few details like location, name and age and you can get started finding the best plan for you, with clear pricing given to you upfront so you know what to budget for.

There are both in-network and non-network options with the former having the broader range of plans. Age is another factor with plans tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Older people, for example, enjoy specific cover for things like dentures while children can have cover for orthodontia. 

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: What is covered?

  • Orthodontics covered
  • Exams, x-rays and cleanings

Cover varies between plans but at a basic level you can expect to get most preventative care for free, especially when on the higher end plans. That means no waiting period and no deductible to worry about either. To put that in perspective all plans get you two annual exams and routine cleanings. You also get a bitewing x-ray once a year and a full mouth x-ray very 36 months.

For older customers you can expect a complete set of dentures every 60 months and one crown or bridge per tooth every 60 months.

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: Which is the best plan for me?

  • PPO with great discounts
  • Four options

The plans quite clearly show the variations between each one making it relatively simple to pick the best one to suit your needs. The four options break down like this:

  • Dental Saver: Only pay a copay for in-network, non-network it's as billed.
  • Dental Plus: In-network copay after deductible, non-network it's as billed.
  • Dental Basic: Preventative services are 100 percent covered.
  • Dental Deluxe: Payments of up to $2,000 per person per year.

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: What do users say?

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of just under three stars
  • BBB rating of A+ for parent company

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the parent company of United Healthcare a rating of A+. Look at the feedback and there is only one dental specific complaint and that's not even about the insurance plan itself.

ConsumerAffairs aggregates user reviews and has an overall rating of just under three stars out of five for the company. Positives include great knowledge and care given by staff and appreciated free cleanings and decent copays. Negatives seems to focus on not being sent as much money as expected to cover charges.

United Healthcare Golden Rule dental insurance: Verdict

United Healthcare Golden Rule Insurance offers possibly the broadest range of plan options out there. The website lays these all out with clear pricing, what's covered and an ability to get signed up very quickly.

All plans cover basics for preventative care making it a potentially affordable option. For older customers or families there are great options for dentures and orthodontics. For those looking to go outside the network of dentists this is an option too with plans tailored to that - ideal for those that move around a lot.

Customers appear to appreciate the services of the company but there were a few complaints about incorrect payouts. Everything appears to be clear on the website so be sure you know what you need before signing up.