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My011 Review

PROS / You can use My011 in several different languages.

CONS / This service does not provide any resources for additional help and support.

 VERDICT / My011 is a basic call service that lacks a selection of advanced features such as VoIP calling and mobile applications.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about international call services here.


My011.com is an international call service that gives you cheap rates with no attached monthly fees. They provide several features such as phone book capabilities and multiple language support. However, even with the few advanced features they do offer, My011 lacks several basic features and has much room for improvement.

Service Plans

As mentioned before, My011 offers cheap rates for placing international calls. The price of each call differs depending upon the call's origination and destination. A benefit to using this international call service is there are no monthly, maintenance or cancelation fees. Also, you do not receive any extra fees if the call is picked up or if you receive a busy signal.

The services provided by My011 did not meet our expectations and we were disappointed with the lack of services offered. You cannot place any calls from the computer or make VoIP calls. Additionally, this international call service does not provide a way to send international text messages at cheaper rates or place any free calls.


This international call service provides cheap rates for more than 240 countries. They offer a very large selection of countries compared to several similar carriers. One of their standout features is the support they provide for multiple languages. You can use this service in several different languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and even Bosnian.

Unfortunately, the features offered did not meet our full expectations. They do not offer any features that would make this service ideal in a business setting such as toll free 800 numbers. There is no speed dial capability or call forwarding with this service. My011 provides the basic features to complete the international call, but it lacks all bells and whistles that would truly enhance the service.

Help & Support

My011 is easy to use and provides a simple process for placing international calls. To place a call, My011 will provide you with an access number. After you dial the access number, the service will prompt you to enter the destination’s number. After you dial the number, press the # key to connect the call.

Aside from the easy process, My011 offers an account that lets you manage your call history, bill and payments. You can also register up to four phone lines using your My011 account.
We can foresee a number of possible inconveniences with this service. If using your mobile device, you must cancel your international service to avoid billing issues between the two services. Also, you can’t use any phone to place an international call. You must register the phone in your account before receiving My011 rates.


My011.com provides you with the basic features for an international call service. There are no additional features such as VoIP calls or call forwarding. You make all phone calls through direct dialing, which we found easy to use. We were pleased to see there was multiple language support and the rates are some of the cheapest offered by an international call service.