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Best Dental Discount Plans Review

Getting dental work done can become costly, even for a routine teeth cleaning and a checkup. Having a dental discount plan can save from 10 to 50 percent per visit, and a dental plan can cover all asp

Q&A with Allstate Insurance

Top Ten Reviews posed several questions to the insurance companies we evaluated for our review of the best homeowners insurance. While we spoke with regular customer support representatives and agents

Q&A with The Hartford Financial Services Group

Top Ten Reviews posed several questions to the insurance companies we evaluated for our review of the best homeowners insurance. While we spoke with regular customer support representatives and agents

Ten Tips for Filing a Successful Travel Insurance Claim

Nobody wants to make a claim on their insurance, but travel insurance is one of the most often used types of insurance. According to a National Geographic article, one in six purchasers make a claim.

Floods, Earthquakes and Fires: Secure vs. Insure

Natural and unnatural disasters affect everyone. Some areas of the United States are so prone to natural disturbances that many private insurance companies will not offer coverage. For example, most h

Buckle Down Your Driving Costs

Some people say that a car is like a hole in the ground that you pour money into. With rising gasoline and other transportation costs that old saying seems to hold true. Unpredictable gas prices, insu

Teaching Your Teen About Auto Insurance

Getting your first driver’s license is a big deal for almost any teen. A driver’s license means freedom and independence. A driver’s license is a huge milestone and the first huge s

5 Essential Home Emergency Preparedness Items

You don't always know when your home will be the victim of a disaster, but you can prepare yourself to weather out the storms when they hit. Your home is the headquarters for your life and family, and

Americans Warming to Travel Insurance

Most people eagerly look forward to vacations, and many even enjoy business trips. Most do not expect something miserable to go wrong, yet it sometimes does, and the results can be rotten. Travel insu

How to Avoid Insurance Fraud

There are two types of insurance fraud: the kind committed against you and the kind you commit yourself. The first type of life insurance fraud is one way for sneaky while collar criminals to steal yo

Understanding Your Travel Insurance Policy

Have you ever wondered how anyone could read those massive swaths of fine print that come with a travel insurance purchase? If you're like most people, you don't take the time to read your policy deta

Top Reasons to Purchase Renters Insurance

If you're a renter and you own things – and who doesn't? – you need renters insurance. You can purchase inexpensive renters insurance for less than $1 a day. The important thing is to make sure that y

What Is In 'Obamacare': How Health Care Reform Laws Affect You

Most people realize that the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, also known as ‘Obamacare’, set in motion a series of changes that will impact how you access health insurance. What yo

Tips for Tracking Top Insurance Quotes

When it comes to getting insurance quotes online, it is a little hard to know if the information you are receiving is really going to work to your advantage. Whether you are seeking car insurance quot

Difference Between Renters Insurance & Homeowners Insurance

Whether you own a home, rent, or have tenants in any of your properties, making sure you are fully insured is always important. But just what is the difference between these two types of insurance? We

Caring for Your Eyes

It is said that our eyes are considered to be the mirror of our personality. They reflect the kind of person we are and use expressions to communicate without words. Most importantly, they help us to

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover All Types of Damage

Every year thousands of property owners learn what their homeowner’s insurance does and does not cover the hard way. It typically takes catastrophic damage and the loss of homes and property for indiv

Vision Involves More Than Visual Acuity Alone

Vision is a complex process, and many people don’t realize that it involves both your eyes and your brain. Eyesight is a big part of how well you see, but having clear vision requires some additional

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is that nasty word so many moms just hate to hear. It is very common and highly contagious among young children. Conjunctivitis is the original name of pink eye and is when there is an irrita

Does My Renter's Insurance Cover My Tenants?

This question is very tricky, but is becoming increasingly common as young singles and tenants make a choice to share a house, condo, or apartment. Renter’s insurance and homeowner insurance policies

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