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Liberty Mutual Review

PROS / Liberty Mutual has an option that replaces your car with a better one should it be totaled in an accident.

CONS / It does not provide 24-hour customer support. However, you can acquire emergency assistance or file a claim at any time.

 VERDICT / Liberty Mutual offers car insurance at competitive rates with additional coverage for classic cars and options and discounts that make it worth considering.

Liberty Mutual offers automobile insurance with the usual coverages and discounts as well as additional options that make it worth considering, such as coverage for classic cars and car replacement. It has competitive rates and an overall customer good customer rating when compared to the best auto insurance.

Liberty Mutual Compare Quotes

Many automobile insurance agencies also cover recreational vehicles like boats, golf carts or RVs. Liberty Mutual is one of the few companies that also cover classic cars, antiques, restorations or other vintage cars that have value beyond that of transportation. Individual agents can give you specific information on what's covered in your area.

It also offers Better Car Coverage. If you opt for this additional coverage and your vehicle is totaled in an accident, you may be reimbursed enough to get a better car than the one you had.

We looked at premiums for a specific profile in five areas across the country and compared them against those of the other agencies on our lineup. Liberty Mutual overall had prices competed well against its peers, and it offers 13 different discounts. Most discounts are similar to those of other companies – bundle discounts, discounts for members of certain organizations, hybrid vehicle discounts and more. Liberty Mutual also has discounts that address changes in life situations, such as graduating from college, getting married, moving or retiring. If you have general questions about the policies or quotes, you can speak to an agent via live chat or telephone, but only during specific hours. For claims, however, you can reach an agent 24/7.

Another program that more companies are offering is a discounted premium based on your driving habits. Liberty Mutual has the RightTrack program. You get an automatic 5 percent discount for signing up and installing a monitoring device in your car for 90 days. It tracks driving habits like braking and speeding. During that time, you can log into the system and see how you are doing. At the end of the trial, your habits are analyzed, and you can earn up to a 30 percent discount on your insurance.

Liberty Mutual has 2,000 certified repair facilities nationwide, but you cannot access the list unless you are a member. While it's not necessary to use the insurance's facilities, Liberty Mutual for guarantees repairs by them as long as you own the car. If you prefer this option, you should speak to a local agent to find out the choices in your area.


With good customer service and competitive rates, Liberty Mutual is car insurance provider worth considering. It has multiple discount options and additional coverage that could benefit those with older cars as well as antique or classic automobiles.

Liberty Mutual Compare Quotes