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Pros / You get social media profiles in your report.

Cons / The information included in a report is limited compared to other services.

 Verdict / PeopleWise offers fairly accurate results with its criminal check and bankruptcy data, and a bonus of social media profiles, which is why we consider it a great choice for a background check service.

If accuracy is the most important aspect of any background check report, then PeopleWise is doing right by its customers. The best background check companies strive to provide the most accurate and updated information available. PeopleWise did well on accuracy with our test subjects – especially in the criminal background check, bankruptcy information and list of relatives. The company doesn’t provide marriage and divorce records or indicate whether someone is registered as a sex offender, so the report doesn’t seem as complete compared to the top-ranked services. However, the company does include social media profiles that could be associated with the person you’re investigating, which could be helpful for contacting him or her. Based on our tests, the data PeopleWise has access to seems as up to date as possible considering the limitations on retrieving data from public sources. The criminal information we received back was as complete as could be and accurate, though there were a few duplicates.

You are able to search for a person using more than just a name and a state – you can include age, phone number, address, city and state if you would like. A preview of possible matches shows names and aliases, ages, possible relatives, and cities in which someone has lived. It’s enough information to help you choose the right person before purchasing a full background check report.

If you’re familiar with background check reports, you should find the reports from PeopleWise easy enough to read. There is a table of contents at the top, but you don’t receive explanations on each section. Your purchased online background check is available on the website for up to seven days, but after that, it disappears. You do have the option of downloading a PDF so you can refer to the report at your leisure.

PeopleWise has an extensive list of FAQs, so you can look there for answers to any questions you may have. Otherwise, you can contact the company via email and live chat. There is no phone support from PeopleWise. We contacted the support team through the email form on PeopleWise’s website and a representative responded the same day. As friendly as he was, he didn’t tell us anything beyond what we already knew from reading the FAQs.

  • Accuracy
  1. This shows the average percentage of how accurate each service was in our tests.
    Percentage (higher is better)
  2. 4  PeopleWise
    75.0 %
  3. 90.0 %
  4. 85.0 %
  5. 80.0 %
  6. Category Average
    61.5 %


Background check companies like PeopleWise can be very helpful when you need information about a person, such as someone’s criminal history. The accuracy is usually accurate, but inaccuracies often occur due to the limitations of the data that’s made available through public records. The lack of phone support can be frustrating, but the FAQs are typically sufficient. PeopleWise is a solid choice, especially if you need criminal and bankruptcy background reports.

PeopleWise Visit Site