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Best people search sites 2022

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Best People Search sites 2022: People finder services
(Image credit: Intelius)

Use the best people search sites if you have someone that you want to find, but would rather that process didn't take up all of your time. The right service will guide you through the tracking processes so it's easier and potentially quicker than doing it on your own.

The best people search sites will offer details like phone numbers, recent addresses and social media profiles to help you zero in on who you're after. A lot of that information will be publicly available but there is data which may be company owned. By using one of these search services you'll be able to get at lots of that otherwise unavailable information that could be crucial to narrowing down your search.

In partnership with Intelius
With clearly presented data and relatively fast results, Intelius was among the best people search services that we tried and tested. 

With clearly presented data and relatively fast results, Intelius was among the best people search services that we tried and tested. 

A good place to start, if a crime is suspected, is by using one of the best background check services or if it's more about finding family members then one of the best genealogy sites could help.

If you were planning on using one of the best people search sites as a way to make a decision on hiring someone, leasing a property, lending money, or any other professional reason, you're not allowed to, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These sites are purely for personal search purposes.

So if you need to find someone to reconnect then these are the best people search sites for you.

1. Intelius: Best people search site overall

Intelius: Best people search site overall

(Image credit: Intelius)

A strikingly clear data visualization technique sets this service apart from the others

Reasons to buy
+Spider-graph is visually unique+Provides work history+Affordable monthly subscription
Reasons to avoid
-Single reports are expensive-Can’t download reports-No social media information

Intelius presents its findings in a clever, web-like design, which allows you to clearly map out the connections between your subject and their acquaintances, work history and previous addresses. While this may sound like a small design choice, we found that it actually had a sizable impact on our interpretation of the report. We saw connections that we might otherwise have overlooked.

That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, though. We found there were some slight inaccuracies in the reporting, although not significantly more than were noted in other services. It scored a B+ for its accuracy overall, which is in line with most of the other platforms. We also found that its pricing structure was a little difficult to understand.

While this site used to offer individual reports, you can no longer find that option. This means that prices are significantly higher than they used to be, as a monthly subscription starts at around $25. As outlined above, this site could really benefit from a clearer breakdown of its prices, which are fairly well hidden at present.

2. Instant Checkmate: Best people search site for accuracy

Instant Checkmate: Best people search site for accuracy

(Image credit: Instant Checkmate)

Both accurate and transparent on its pricing structure

Reasons to buy
+Accurate reports+Well laid-out data
Reasons to avoid
-Additional fee to download reports

This site scores big on accuracy - and, unlike a lot of the other services we reviewed it’s fairly upfront with its costs. You can’t buy individual reports, which means that you have to pay out for a monthly subscription, starting at $35.12 per month (or $28.09 per month if you commit to a three month period.) It also regularly offers introductory trial periods for as little as $1, which last for around five days.

Instant Checkmate was the most accurate in our tests. Not only was the information the most accurate, it included information many other services neglected, such as marriage and divorce records. It also flagged potential criminal records rather than including the information indiscriminately. This is especially useful if you’re searching yourself, because this service allows you to easily flag the inaccurate criminal information to have it removed from your report.

The reports we purchased included current and correct phone numbers, email addresses, relatives and associates and current and former addresses going back 15 years.

The reports are also among the cleanest and best designed. The information is laid out in a chronological timeline, making it easy to view the person’s history in a clear, linear progression. In addition, the left-panel menu makes it easy to navigate the report’s various sections easily without having to scroll endlessly.

3. TruthFinder: Best people search site for basic reports

TruthFinder: Best people search site for basic reports

(Image credit: TruthFinder)

TruthFinder has some of the most accurate basic info of all

Reasons to buy
+Basic info is very reliable+Good criminal report info
Reasons to avoid
-Search function and web design isn't great

We like TruthFinder because it's accurate. While it's not the easiest to use, nor does it have the broadest range of search options, what it does provide is some of the most accurate and complete basic info reports of all People Search services. It's slightly more expensive than some other People Search engines, but you do get what you pay for when it comes to actually getting the information that you need.

What you also get is the opportunity to search for yourself, which is handy for cleaning up your online presence if you're worried it's inaccurate, or you don't want people to get in touch with you. TruthFinder's biggest strengths lie in its reporting of social media accounts, criminal records, and job histories, so it's ideal for things like checking out the new nanny or finding a good tutor for your kids.

It's good for People Search, but if you're doing a more thorough background check and need a wider range of information, something like Intelius is a better bet.

4. US Search: A solid all-rounder

US Search: A solid all rounder in our round-up of best people search site

(Image credit: US Search)

A good all rounder, but let down by its website

Reasons to buy
+Download individual reports for free (with a subscription)+Easy to read reports+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Inconsistent accuracy-Lacks chronological information layout-Website is difficult to navigate

US Search was one of the best performing people search services when it came to accuracy, pricing, interface navigation and report formatting. It’s not the best in any of these categories, but it’s among the best. Previously, the site had an option that let you search for an individual for a one-off fee, but it's now switched to a subscription model that costs $19.86 per month. There are usually introductory offers on this though, which push these prices down to $1.99 for the first 30 days.

While the accuracy of the reports was above average in our test, it wasn’t perfect. We purchased full background reports for our tests, and while this provided more information – criminal records, social media, marriages, divorces, property and business ownership – the accuracy of the reports earned just a B grade in our tests. We found the addresses and property ownership records to be accurate, and finding people wasn’t difficult, even with common names, but the phone numbers and emails were inconsistent.

The layout of the reports is clean and easy to read. The information is divided into sections that you can bounce to from the top of the menu. The reports also included a map showing all the addresses and properties within a geographic context.

5. PeopleFinders: Best value people search site

PeopleFinders: Best value people search site

(Image credit: PeopleFinders)

A great value option

Reasons to buy
+Affordable single reports+Affordable subscriptions+Above-average accuracy
Reasons to avoid
-Background check reports are expensive-Reports lacked social media information-No marriage records included

PeopleFinders earned our pick for best value because it has the most affordable plans and one of the highest accuracy grades. You have the best chance of getting the right information at the lowest cost. That said, while the subscription isn’t the most affordable option at about $40 per month, you can purchase a single report on a person for less than $2. And since it had the second-best accuracy grade in our tests, you have a good chance of paying for good information.

In our test, each person said their reports were accurate with addresses, relatives, properties and businesses, but there were some inconsistencies with phone numbers and email addresses. In addition, the marriages of each person we bought reports on were not included in the reports. Social media and work history information was also not in the report.

The layout of PeopleFinders’ reports is appealing. It lets you skip to relevant sections using the menu, making it particularly easy to navigate compared to some services. And as with most services, it utilizes filtering tools to help find the person you’re looking for, so the more information you have on the person, the easier it is to narrow your search.

6. BeenVerified: Best people search site for work history

BeenVerified: Best people search site for work history

(Image credit: BeenVerified)

A good one for checking work history

Reasons to buy
+Accurate work history in reports
Reasons to avoid
-Individual reports can’t be purchased

While you can’t use people search services to make hiring decisions, BeenVerified is the best service for finding someone through their work history. Often, the easiest path to finding and contacting a person is through their work, former work associates and coworkers. In our tests, while it wasn’t as accurate in some areas, the work history and social media information provided by this service was the most accurate and was provided in an easy-to-read report. The information was pulled from LinkedIn and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So, you can probably find the person you’re looking for on those sites without paying an expensive fee.

BeenVerified did struggle to find marriage and divorce records in our tests, but it provided accurate addresses, including the most recent address. It also provided  accurate emails and phone numbers, including mobile numbers most services didn’t provide.

The biggest downside to BeenVerified is the pricing structure. You can’t purchase individual reports; instead you sign up for a $22.86 monthly subscription, making it one of the more costly services... if you're not a regular user.

What is the fair credit reporting act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as mentioned above is a data protection legislation that came into being in 1970. The idea in creating it was to protect citizens from unfair use of these types of searches.

An example of how this could be a problem is in the case of someone with a common name. That person may be searched for, using these services,  and someone with the same name – but with a criminal record – could be found. As a result an employer may terminate the employment of the person they had originally searched for. This case of mistaken identity is avoided by making it clear that these searches are too inaccurate to be used for professional decisions.

How accurate are these people search sites?

Since the FCRA won't let you use these searches based on their inaccuracies, that gives you some idea of the level of accuracy here. That said, it is down to the person and the level of research done. If you were to cross-reference lots of information and – in this day and age – have photos to support you, it's possible to be pretty certain you're looking at the right person. In our testing most of the services used did a good job of finding the subject in question. 

How can I find a person for free?

You can do a lot of this work yourself by simply using the internet with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and websites like all offering lots of potential information. 

Doing a reverse search from an image uploaded to is another great method you can use. Just keep in mind this can all take time and will require plenty of work on your part. 

How much do the best people search sites cost?

Most of these services will charge using a subscription model. That means you can be paying anywhere from $20 to $35 per month. But when you take into account that a lot of these sites offer promotions at sign-up, you'll likely pay less. 

Keep in mind that some sites work on a credit model where not all services are included in the subscription. So you may have to pay more if you want to dig deeper. Going for an expanded report, for example, will get you more results than the basic service, but it'll cost you.

How we tested the best people services

In our testing we searched for three different subjects, on each site. The names ranged from very common to fairly uncommon.

Once the results were in we had the subject confirm they were accurate so we could validate the quality. Details looked at included addresses, phone numbers, marriages and divorces, assets, criminal histories and relatives. All this was checked to make sure it was current as well as accurate.

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