Let's Find The Right Cloud Backup Service For You

Pros / Geographical redundancy ensures your files' accessibility.

Cons / This provider does not offer branding capabilities.

 Verdict / We prefer to have the option to select our own encryption key, but Dropbox offers a lot of other excellent features, including the ability to save unlimited file versions.

Dropbox for Business facilitates cooperation by storing your files safely in the cloud and offering access to designated teammates no matter where they are in the world. This service offers you as much business cloud storage as you need so it can fit any size company and scale with your business as you grow. Just remember, with higher data limits come much higher prices.

Once your initial backup is complete, details about subsequent saves are largely determined by you. You can decide how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to backups and when you want them to occur. Once your files are backed up with Dropbox, you will never be without them again. All business cloud solution plans automatically save all versions of your files for 30 days.

Dropbox offers an Extended Version History add-on that gives you unlimited version history. This add-on feature replaced Dropbox for Business's older Packrat add-on.

Security features with this business cloud storage service offer a lot of peace of mind. Your data is disguised with military-grade encryption before it even leaves your computer. You are able to use third-party encryption before you back up files to Dropbox as well, for even one more layer of encryption. Once it leaves your computer, encrypted data travels a secure tunnel en route to Dropbox servers. Your data is automatically replicated in multiple data centers, which is a great benefit. If one data center is compromised by theft or natural disaster, you will still have access to your files. We prefer to have the option to select our own encryption key, though, and Dropbox does not offer it.

Dropbox cloud services makes sharing easy and safe with mobile phone apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and more. You have a lot of control with this business cloud service about which files you want to keep private and which ones you want to share. You can send links to clients and other business contacts so they can access Dropbox files, even if they don't have a Dropbox account. There are no branding options with this service, nor is there integration with Google Apps or Salesforce.

Dropbox offers email, phone and live chat support if you have any questions, and the website is very well organized and informative.

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Dropbox for Business may not have every feature we wanted, including branding tools, but this is a trustworthy service for business cloud storage. The Extended Version History feature ensures you will always have access to all versions of all files for all time, a great benefit.

Dropbox Business Compare Quotes