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Hightail Professional Compare Quotes

Pros / This service offers unlimited storage plans.

Cons / Hightail does not offer in-cloud editing or deduplication services.

 Verdict / Hightail offers small business cloud storage that offers a secure way to store your business’ documents. Although it lacks some features we were looking for, it is still a good choice.

Hightail offers business cloud services for small businesses but has the capacity to scale with your business as it grows. This service has many features that we looked for in cloud services and provides a secure way for you to store and share you company’s important documents.

This business cloud service has a range of tiers, all the way up to unlimited. We looked at the professional plan, which is available at a per-user, per-month fee and can manage up to 10 users in one account. With the Hightail professional plan, you can upload 10GB of data at once, which is thousands of files.

Deleted files are stored for 14 days automatically, but you can customize this to be a little as 30 seconds or never. This service lacks other backup features that are an important part of business cloud storage, for instance, shipping data. When you have large amounts of data during your initial backup, it is useful to be able to send your data to the company for bulk upload.

This cloud service has the majority of the security and collaboration features necessary for safely storing your files. It doesn’t allow user-generated encryption, but instead, credentials are automatically encrypted and stored in Hightail’s 256-bit encrypted servers.

In our tests, Hightail scored low on collaboration. Uploading files and sharing them with other users was difficult, and we often had to try multiple times before a file would upload. While Hightail has a decent set of collaboration features, trying to put them into use had inconsistent results.

The help and support this cloud service provides is decent. You can reach the company via phone, email and live chat. There is also an online knowledgebase with videos, articles and FAQs.


Overall, Hightail has a lot to offer. There is unlimited storage, and you can manage up to 10 users on one account. You can upload up to 10GB of data at once, which equates to thousands of documents. The help and support features are there when you run into trouble with the service. While we had difficulty navigating and running the platform, Hightail does have a full set of cloud storage features that many businesses find valuable.

Hightail Professional Compare Quotes