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Zoolz Business Review

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PROS / The use of deduplication techniques adds to the overall efficiency of this business cloud solution.

CONS / This service does not offer personalized branding options.

 VERDICT / Zoolz makes the initial transition to the cloud and the process of subsequent backups very easy with strong security and customization features for companies of all sizes.

Zoolz small business cloud storage, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, has found clever ways to address every concern you might have about making the transition to business cloud storage. The ability to personalize your plan and very reasonable pricing are some of the best features of this service. This business cloud storage offers efficiency and convenience at every level.

Zoolz Business Compare Quotes


Zoolz takes a unique approach to the safe-keeping of your data with a concept called cold storage. Plans are structured to keep some of your data immediately accessible and some cold. The cold files are kept in inactive storage and require three to five hours before you can access them; when you request files in cold storage, Zoolz retrieves them and sends you an email when they are ready to use.

A short wait for rarely used files is the trade-off for the lower costs of this storage. The cold storage costs less than half what it costs to store oft-accessed files, and you get to decide how much of your data you want in cold and how much in instant storage. Any files you may need to share or use in a hurry would be better in instant storage, but most companies have plenty of data that could be stored in cheaper cold storage, especially files that you just keep for auditing and archiving. Thumbnails are available for cold storage photo files so you know what you are requesting when you need to pull something out of cold storage.

Zoolz plans cover any amount of data you may have. Unlimited plans are available. You get to configure your plan for the amount of users and storage you need to suit your company.


The transition to business cloud storage can be daunting just based on the time it takes to transfer all of your data from your current storage modes. Zoolz allows you to use a utility to copy and encrypt data on external media and mail it to them. They transfer the files at their data centers, without access to any of it because of the encryption. Then they return the storage device to you. This mail-in service will save time for the initial backup, and you can also mail them more data in this way at any time during your Zoolz subscription.

You get a lot of control over subsequent backups with this service. You decide when automatic data backups will take place, and you decide what amount of bandwidth you are willing to dedicate to Zoolz backups. That way, your network's performance is never impacted. Zoolz even adjusts itself automatically to use less or more resources depending on your resource usage at the time of a backup. You can also instruct Zoolz to save general categories based on common phrases. You can set it to always back up all files that contain the word "work," for instance, or to always exclude those files from backup.

Other Zoolz efficiencies include file compression and deduplication, a data compression technique that prevents saving any repeat copies of pieces of data. Deduplication is employed at three different levels– your machine, companywide and globally. You can also control which file extensions you want to be part of ongoing backups. This can make Zoolz more efficient, performing regular backups only of the file types you know will change on a regular basis.

Security & Collaboration

Zoolz protects your data with 256-AES encryption before it leaves your network, 256-SSL encryption in transit and 256-AES encryption while at rest. You can choose your own encryption key so that not even the Zoolz staff can see any of your data. Also, files and folders you need to share are password protected, and you can request a confirmation email that lets you know when files have reached the recipient. The administrative controls make it easy to deactivate users or passwords when needed for security purposes. You can also unshare links to files and folders. Zoolz uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to store your data in any of Amazon's secure storage facilities around the world.

Working with your files saved in Zoolz is easy. You can right-click to get options for common functions, like saving. You also have access to many keyboard shortcuts. Viewing older versions of files is always just a few clicks away. Zoolz will back up files that are in use. If you change your mind about a file you deleted, you will still be able to access it. Zoolz keeps deleted files forever.

You can share files backed up with Zoolz in many different ways – direct link, email or social media post. Administrative controls give you the power to set specific access levels for each employee. Zoolz makes it easy to set up your employees’ accounts with email invites.

Files you store on the Zoolz cloud – whether music, photos, text or other files – are accessible from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones. Zoolz apps for iPhone and Android enable you to access files of any size on your phone with just a tap. You can even edit and save to Zoolz from your phone.

Help & Support

Zoolz offers all of the tools we looked for in help and support. The Zoolz interface is straightforward, and setup is very simple and fast, but you may still have questions. There is a knowledgebase on the Zoolz website, and if you don't find an answer there, you can contact support via email or phone. The company offers lives chat for quick questions.


Zoolz excels in all aspects of business cloud storage. This provider has found ways to be more efficient than competitors in practically every category. The idea of storing some files in less accessible – and less expensive – storage makes so much sense. You rarely need an obscure accounting document from years ago. If you do need it, getting it out of Zoolz’ cold storage just takes a few hours. Compression, deduplication and other techniques mean Zoolz never wastes resources. You can store as much as you need with Zoolz for a very reasonable price.

Zoolz Business Compare Quotes