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Egnyte Review

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Egnyte was designed for businesses from the ground up – the company provides a proprietary cloud solution that seamlessly combines the flexibility of the cloud with local storage on existing infrastructures. This unique hybrid approach enables easy accessibility, collaboration and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Egnyte's rich feature set is clearly tailored for businesses, with comprehensive file support, versatile file sharing and robust security measures. The service provides first-rate file support, allowing you to store virtually any type of file, including Word documents, slideshows, videos and more. You can even store music files, though you'll need a third-party player to stream them.

Some cloud services limit file size when you are uploading to your account via the web interface. Egnyte has no such limitations, allowing you to conveniently and easily upload any size and type of file.

One notable difference between Egnyte and other cloud services is custom branding. Your unique Egnyte domain can be customized to reflect your brand. You can implement your logo on the Egnyte interface, message headers and more. The service also provides a custom access URL, allowing you to incorporate your company name into your Egnyte access URL.

Another standout feature of Egnyte is its file sharing. You can easily share files and collaborate with remote individuals from a single centralized access point. This in and of itself isn't necessarily noteworthy, considering other cloud services provide file sharing; what is exceptional, however, is the service's exhaustive folder-management capabilities. Detailed folder permissions allow you to define tight rules around access to certain data, which is especially important if you are housing sensitive or confidential information not every user should be privy to. Not only can you specify what users can see what folders, you can set permissions that give specific users the ability to edit and delete files.

Aside from user access permissions, Egnyte employs stringent security measures to safeguard data. All file transmissions to and from the Egnyte cloud file server are encrypted using 256-bit AES over SSL. Furthermore, all users are authenticated with a username and password, and as an administrator, you retain full control over access rights of all users and guests that you share data with.

As a hybrid cloud and local storage solution, Egnyte conveniently provides continual and automatic synchronization between local files and online copies. Surprisingly, not all cloud services provide automatic syncing, and Egnyte's inclusion of this feature ensures you can access once-inaccessible files from any internet connection.

Egnyte fully leverages mobile devices to provide widespread accessibility to your files on the go. There are apps for the iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and devices with the Android and HP webOS operating systems. Also, your customized Egnyte domain can be accessed through any mobile web browser.

What we found most impressive regarding Egnyte's mobile access is the fact that you can actually edit, not just view, files through their mobile applications. This is an important but often overlooked function and one that further enhances the service's overall usability.

The interface is clean, intuitive and professional looking. Less tech-savvy users may be intimidated by the corporate skin but will quickly learn the service is easy to work with and navigate. Uploading is straightforward and remarkably fast, with single files uploaded in a mere second. Even uploading multiple files simultaneously (through the Java uploader) is noticeably quick; we were able to upload three folders containing more than 260 files in less than three minutes. Uploading via FTP is another option for larger files.

This cloud service clearly is not a viable option for consumers. For professionals and businesses of any size though, Egnyte's hybrid approach to cloud computing and storage can be a cost-efficient and productive solution. The cloud service delivers a generous feature set, replete with vast file support, flexible mobile access and informative support resources.