Pros / This web service offers a simple-to-use site builder.

Cons / The basic package has limited capabilities.

 Verdict / If you do not expect to outgrow the database limitations, HostMonster is a solid web hosting service.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Web Hosting services.

HostMonster's basic web hosting package is small and functional. It gets the job done, but a few changes down the road and you may well find yourself in need of an upgrade. HostMonster is a standard web hosting service with unlimited bandwidth, 50GB of disk space and 5 email accounts, but there are limits that might make things a little tight as your website grows.

An unfortunate database restriction is the primary caveat to HostMonster's otherwise well-designed plan. They allow up to 20 MySQL databases with a limit of 1,000 tables each. No single database can exceed 2GB, and all of them together cannot exceed 3GB. An average database only requires text data, which makes the 2GB seem nice and luxurious. If you need to store other kinds of data in your database – like images, for example – this limit could become a very serious problem. Evaluate your database needs before jumping aboard.

Other than that, we judge HostMonster to be fully scalable. The FTP is particularly mature, and you may create as many accounts as you like. The system is secure, so you do not have to worry about suspicious parties getting their hands on your information.

Our experience with the live chat feature was pleasant – the support team dispatched all our concerns in short order. For additional help, there is a ticket-based support system, phone number, knowledgebase, video tutorials and a user forum. The overall package price is just about right for the level of functionality and support. You can find cheaper hosting on the market, but this web hosting service falls right on the median.

HostMonster provides you with a drag-and-drop site builder, bulletin boards, blogs and image galleries. The site builder tool allows you to quickly and conveniently design complex websites and get your operations up and running in no time.

Many people stay away from web hosting services because they think they need advanced knowledge in coding webpages to get their money’s worth out of them. HostMonster disproves this notion and gently ushers new users into cyberspace. Bigger fish are more likely to be frustrated, especially if they rely on large, flexible databases.

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Although it does not have any exclusive features, this web host does a good job with average small business web hosting. It is particularly well-suited for people with beginning to intermediate experience levels. There are not very many drawbacks, but the limitations that do exist might become inconvenient for advanced users.

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