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All The Right Type 4 Review

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PROS / All The Right Type comes with many lessons, tests and games for individuals or schools.

CONS / Older children, teens and adults may feel the graphics and games are more juvenile.

 VERDICT / This Mac typing software uses repetition to help you learn new keys and increase speed.

All The Right Type is Mac typing software with a space-age design. The software works well for individual use and in school settings for multiple users. It comes with five typing games, 18 lessons and 33 tests. This Mac typing software is best for children, but adults can use it to learn typing skills as well.

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Children as young as eight can successfully use this software. Although teens and adults might find the tasks and graphics juvenile, they can still use the software to learn how to type or improve their speed and accuracy. The software is effective at helping you learn regardless of your age.

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Once you create a login name and password, you can keep track of your progress and the scores you receive. You can see and print this information, either in graphic or text form. In the graphic form, you can see a colorful description of how many errors you made and how quickly you type. If you’re using this software in a classroom setting, you can see reports for a whole class or for one person. You can track up to 50 students per class for as many classes as you have. These settings are in the maintenance section of the menu. Through the maintenance section, you can create lessons and certificates, print reports and establish classes.

To learn typing skills in All The Right Type, you move from the Learning Lab to the Practice Pavilion and then to the Skill Building. In the Learning Lab, you focus on typing the correct keys rather than how fast you type. When you move on to the Practice Pavilion, you can type standard lines of text, or you can play a game. This Mac typing software offers five game choices: Air Traffic Controller, Cargo Loader Challenge, Racing Sculls, Space Crisis and Space Race. The Skill Building portion helps you increase your speed while you focus on typing the correct keys. Each lesson offers you chances to type individual words, sentences and whole paragraphs. Although the practice is effective for helping you learn the new keys, the process can become repetitious.

Once you complete the lessons in these buildings, you can move to the Testing Center. Before you can move on to the next set of lessons, you must pass a typing test using the keys you’ve mastered. You can choose from two types of tests: a timed writing test or one that measures your typing speed.

All The Right Type comes with a word-processing option that can help you practice typing in a text document. It doesn’t keep a record of anything you type in this area, though. This Mac typing software also comes with 10-key lessons and exercises that teach you how to use a computer mouse.

A nice feature of this Mac typing software is that it automatically saves your completed lessons, tests and game results. Something else we liked about this software is that you can change the settings to allow word wrap, meaning that you don’t have to press Enter at the end of a line to continue typing. You can also increase the text size and hid the clock on the screen if you’d like.

This Mac typing software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. It’s also compatible with Mac OS X up to 10.6.x (Snow Leopard). We didn’t have any trouble downloading or installing the software. All The Right Type has an email address and a telephone number for technical support. The school edition manual has a couple of pages that cover common technical support questions too.


This Mac typing software is great for children but can also teach adults how to touch type. The software generates reports that let you know your typing speed and accuracy in either graphic or text form. Individuals or schools can use All The Right Type to learn how to type.

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