Keyblaze Typing Tutor review

KeyBlaze is a comprehensive type teaching software and covers a range of functions that others on the market don’t.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor
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KeyBlaze is great for some, but won’t fit for all users. It's free, so worth a download, but looks very dates, and isn't as comprehensive as other apps.


  • +

    Free to download

  • +

    Includes 10 key teaching


  • -

    Limited customer support options

  • -

    Dated interface design

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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a free piece of software from NCH Software, a company that specializes in business, video, and audio software development. While it sits among our list of the best typing software options, it's not at the top of the list (and isn't even the best free app - that honor goes to

KeyBlaze’s free options claim to help you increase your words per minute, touch type skills, and more, through a series of typing games and practical exercises. The paid range of KeyBlaze software will include a commercial licence and, dependant on your choice of level, can also include full use of all professional versions of the software. NCH includes several other of their software in audio, video, documents, and more as optional extras to add to your bundle, at cost.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor: How it works

Download Keyblaze to your device and accept it’s terms, once it’s installed, you’re good to go. The software itself is easy to navigate, but it is very dated - it features 90’s style dialogue boxes, and crude animation style games. Though the interface isn’t as modern as sites such as Typesy, it does get the job done. The no frills approach to type learning is a closer replication to the way students might end up typing in the real world but doesn’t do a great deal for keeping learners engaged through the process.

You’ll be shown activities and games that try to encourage users into using the correct fingers for each key, as well as sections that focus on learning the 10 key numbers section to the right of a standard keyboard. This could be a plus if you’re working with a 10 key keyboard, however standard laptops and smaller devices don’t have this function so it might be required in the future.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor: Install and cost

KeyBlaze is compatible with most operating systems and won’t take up too much space. Unlike other typing software options KeyBlaze does not have an online platform and can only be used through download onto your device. Even the free option takes up desktop space, which is a flaw that companies like have solved. If you’re using KeyBlaze in a school setting, or home learning, then this download only function does give you more control over who can access the software and when. 

Your basic KeyBlaze package is free, and this comes with most of the core lessons and activities. However if you’re wanting to engage with the higher quality games and resources then you’ll need to pay for them. For a non-business download, only suitable for home use, then KeyBlaze costs around $20 for the pleasure. For business friendly, commercially licensed, versions of the KeyBlaze software then you’ll be digging out $25, and this version can be used anywhere which is handy for only $5 more than your standard home package. KeyBlaze allows you to add other software to your purchase, ranging from $50 to $70, so if you want to introduce yourself to a range of new and exciting programmes then a bundle could be the way to go. 

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor: Customer support and User reviews

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor does not have many customer support options if you encounter troubles. The site has a designated FAQ page for quick assistance on common problems, however there’s only a contact box for technical support. If your query isn’t covered by the FAQ then you’ll need to send a separate message to the team and wait for a reply from them directly. There isn’t a live chat function on the website, if you have a major problem then you can perform a troubleshoot on your own device to check over the software, but if you are less tech savvy then this could be troublesome.

KeyBlaze users praised the programme for the improvements they could see in their own speed and accuracy and felt that the software did a good job of helping them. "Really improved my typing speed and accuracy, great product", says one. However, KeyBlaze lost crucial marks due to a dated interface, and many customers criticized the programme for it being like "working in DOS".

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

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Should you try KeyBlaze?

KeyBlaze could be right for you. It’s versions are well priced for what they offer, but there isn’t much of that money going into visual design. If you aren’t bothered by the dated interface and just want a clear and simple type instruction software then KeyBlaze should give you what you need, without the frills. If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly then brighter options are available elsewhere (check our best typing software for kids guide), that suits a school learning environment better. 

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