Typesy review

Typesy is an easy and effective typing app, made by people who care about making your typing skills stronger.

Typesy review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Typesy is a worthwhile investment if you want bang for your buck. A huge range of materials on offer make sure no cent goes to waste while you learn.


  • +

    Available for most operating systems

  • +

    Great for schools and young learners

  • +

    Loads of fun learning resources


  • -

    Difficult customer service

  • -

    Interface isn’t the most modern

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Typesy sets itself out as a strong contender for our best typing software. One Typesy purchase allows multiple people to share the software, and its available for individual use, home learning, and school. A practical addition to anyone’s work kit Typesy can be used to learn type skills from as young as seven years old, and with thousands of games, activities, and video tutorials, you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit your way of learning.

Boasting 77 courses in their catalogue all constructed by qualified trainers, and topic experts, Typesy offers you a wide range of learning options. From a masterclass on time management, to training on the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite, Typesy puts diversifying your skillset at the forefront. All 77 courses come free with the premium package, so there are no top-ups once you've signed up.

Typesy: How it works

Downloading Typesy is easy and effective. It’s multiplatform so there isn’t a requisite for the type of operating system you need to use. Once you’ve bought the programme then it can be placed onto as many machines as you like, plus with the app version you’ll be able to maintain your typing education on the go. Each machine keeps track simultaneously so that you can pick up on one device where you left off on another.

Typesy utilises video, games, activities, and apps to give you a range of fast learning options. They pride themselves on the scientific expertise on which their programme is founded and claim that you can vastly improve your type speed, and computer literacy in a matter of days. Typesy learns as you learn and will adapt to your progress, giving you a form of tailored learning.

Typesy has individual versions available but puts its educational typing platform at the forefront; each lesson builds on the previous but also integrates itself into a teacher’s own learning topics. Instead of just giving students a series of nonsensical statements to type and copy, Typesy instead forms typing practice around school topics, and gives kids the ability to practice their skills on topic specific information, including math, science, and social studies.


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Typesy: Install and cost

Typesy can be installed at home, or in schools, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome – so no matter the home computer you use you'll be able to get going with your typing practice. Plus with it’s availability in schools and at home it’s perfect for whoever you are and wherever you want to learn. 

Typesy makes it easy to get started with a seven-day free trial, you’ve got the option to cancel at any time. Typesy wont lock you into a contract at any point either. The ability to cancel at any time continues throughout your subscription. This gives you ultimate freedom to choose when you’ve reached the level you feel is best for you yet allows you the opportunity to continue to the end of the course. At a monthly cost of $8.50, Typesy puts itself quite firmly in the affordable category, and when you consider that up to 5 people can use a single purchase, that’s a great deal. Typesy’s home-school packages range from $17, to $69.95, depending on the level of service you need for the number of home-schoolers on the software. Sure, Typing.com is free, but it isn't as fully featured.


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Typesy: Customer support and User reviews

Typesy customer support seems to be the weakest link in its armor. Several reviews of the company say that users had difficulty in speaking to a representative, and having their issue resolved quickly. The Typesy site lists a community page so users can consult one another on their problems or share information that might help user experience. It also provides a help desk where customers can raise a 'ticket', an internal messaging service that will flag your message for a representative. A live chat function is sometimes available on the site however this option only reveals itself when new tabs are opened and isn’t always live. Representatives are only available during working hours and should you have an issue outside these times then you’ll have to send a ticket to resolve. The number one issue that people have faced has been the ability to cancel their free trial, so this might only become an issue if you don’t love what's on offer.

Typesy claims that its software can improve your type speed and skills within just seven minutes of use a day. We can confirm this is pretty accurate and, as far as we can see, other users agree. The majority of consumer reviews have given the service 5 stars, with users saying "my experience Typesy has been great" and "It is great for kids, teens and adults". Users generally put Typesy as a fun and engaging software that works for a range of people.

Should you buy Typesy?

In short – yeah! Typesy is founded on a principle of easy and relevant learning for a range of people and ages. It has brought together highly qualified people from a diverse range of industries to create a platform that really does seem to improve tying skills. The price point is comfortable, and for the masses of lessons and resources on offer we think you’ll find Typesy to be a worthwhile investment.

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