Pros / Typing Quest is loaded with fun games and lessons to help children learn to type.

Cons / Customer service options are limited.

 Verdict / Typing Quest uses an entertaining format that helps kids learn to type while playing games, making it good software for beginning typists.

Typing Quest is one of only a few Mac typing software programs in our reviews designed specifically for children. It is a fun way for children to learn to type. This thematic Mac typing tutor takes your child on a guided tour of an island with different games and lessons on each step of the journey. It's an entertaining format that should keep your children engaged as they learn their way around a QWERTY keyboard.

The word and letter games and lessons get progressively more sophisticated. The early games involve things like floating letter balloons that require your child to strike the correct keys before they float off the screen. Not only is it exciting for a child to see how quickly they can eliminate each letter, but it helps them get used the keyboard. Once the child gets accustomed to where the keys are, they progress to more advanced lessons involving writing entire sentences and paragraphs. After practicing for several minutes a day, your child should begin to see results. This software provides progress reports so you can get an idea of how far they've come.

A couple of the games take some getting used to. One game called Wavy Warm-Up displays a transparent image of hands on a keyboard, and the child is supposed to strike the key that is highlighted with a star. The confusion for us was the use of stars in place of letters. Several times we struck the wrong key because the image appeared to be highlighting a different key. We quickly figured out what we were doing wrong and corrected it by focusing on the fingers rather than the key. This is a game where an experienced typist who is used to seeing letters, not stars, on a keyboard, may be at a disadvantage. The bigger issue regarding this game, however, is we're not sure how it makes your child a better typist. But this game is the exception. The other games that focus on repetitive key exercises are great for beginning typists.

This typing software for Mac is easy to use and has dozens of lessons and tests to help beginners become progressively better typists. The website is helpful and as fun as the software. Before purchasing the software, you can take a live tour of each of the games. However, the customer service options are limited to email, a user manual and online FAQs. So while you can get all the exposure to the product you need before making a final purchase, your resources are limited if you have questions after you purchase it.

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Typing Quest uses entertaining games and exercises to help your children build typing skills as they have fun learning their way around a QWERTY keyboard. It starts with simple letter and key exercises and progresses to more complex lessons involving words and sentences. You can test the product on the website before deciding whether it's the right software for your child, though the customer support for your other questions is limited.

Typing Quest Visit Site

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