Master Key is simple typing software that teaches you how to type and expands your skills through practice. The program can be used at home or in a classroom, but its feature set is geared more toward the latter; for example, you can create multiple class lists and have students report their progress to specific ones. Master Key only has one type of lesson, though, and this lack of variety can become tiresome as you progress through the program.

The program has 408 typing lessons, which is hundreds more than most applications we reviewed. It does not have many games or typing practice plans, but you can convert an untimed lesson into a timed one. This feature helps you focus on improving both your speed and accuracy on each lesson.

This software has excellent reporting tools and teacher-specific logins, which are important attributes for educators. Teachers can access information for each of their students. The user summary shows which drill the student is working on and which one they most recently completed as well as their words per minute, accuracy percentage, error percentage and how long they worked on the drill.

You can view your own results to track your overall progress or see scores for a specific drill. The Results tab displays words per minute, accuracy percentage, error rate, and progress charts and graphs. The detailed progress reports clearly show your typing strengths and weaknesses, and the extensive reporting can help you identify the letter keys that give you the most trouble so you know where you need extra practice.

Master Key has one game to help break up the monotony of the static lesson interface. ParaTyper was one of the most challenging typing games in our review. It gets progressively harder as you go, and by the end, you need to type short phrases quickly and accurately to keep up with the falling paratroopers and tanks.

This typing software only has one game, and the user interface feels a bit dated, but it makes up for those shortcomings with more than 400 typing lessons and in-depth reporting tools. For those reasons, we suggest this typing software to educators who want to improve their students’ typing skills and don’t want them to be distracted from the lesson plan by typing games.

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