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Paprika Recipe Manager 2.2.1 Review

PROS / Paprika Recipe Manager has an excellent user interface that makes it easy to use.

CONS / This recipe software lacks a nutritional analyzer to tell you how healthy a recipe is.

 VERDICT / Paprika is a great kitchen companion because of its recipe management capabilities.

Paprika Recipe Manager is a recipe organizer that is easy to use and offers excellent management tools. This software includes a great menu planner and numerous support options, but it lacks the extensive search functions found in the best recipe software. Overall, though, this program is a solid kitchen companion because of its many features.

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Unfortunately, Paprika does not come with any preloaded recipes, which is unlike most of the recipe programs we reviewed. However, this recipe software makes adding recipes a quick and painless process, as you can search for thousands of online recipes directly from the program itself. Once you find and add recipes to your collection, you can adjust serving sizes depending on how many people you plan on feeding. This program also has the capability to share and print recipes with the push of a button.

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Paprika Recipe Manager allows you to plan meals out a week or even a month ahead of time. You can also add entire recipes to a grocery list in which the program automatically generates all of the ingredients. If you already have ingredients listed in the pantry section, the program takes these items out of the grocery list.

However, this program lacks nutritional analysis tools, meaning you won't get an approximation of how healthy a recipe is. Also, there are no recipes included with the program. If you are mostly interested in collecting your own recipes, however, you may see this as a plus. This affordable online cookbook is well equipped to help you do that.

This cookbook software has an intuitive interface, making it much easier to use than other programs we reviewed. The software includes conversion tools, allowing you to find out how many teaspoons are in a cup, for example. If you'd like to use this software on your phone or tablet, you can download the iOS, Android or Kindle Fire app.

The biggest setback to this program is the lack of advanced search functions, such as the ability to search for recipes by category, cooking method, preparation time or serving size. The larger your collection grows, the more problematic this becomes. However, if you need help using the software, you can contact Paprika via email, and you can check out the extensive FAQs, user manuals and video tutorials on its website.


Paprika Recipe Manager is a very user-friendly program that you can use to quickly build a large collection of your favorite recipes. This recipe software offers great management tools such as menu planning, recipe sharing and the ability to adjust serving sizes. However, the program lacks any nutritional information and advanced search functions, which may leave you wanting more. Overall, Paprika is a great kitchen companion for its recipe management functions, but it lacks other functions that the best recipe organizers offer.

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