Pros / With this software you can easily swap menu days, tag recipes and use several health calculators.

Cons / This software does not have menu templates and you can't add images to menus.

 Verdict / Now You're Cooking! is great if you need health and fitness tools.

Now You’re Cooking!, brought to you by Loginetics, is an impressive meal planning software title with expansive extras that makes planning your meals not only easy, but enjoyable. With its ability to plan meals in detail by using multiple cookbooks and an unlimited meal plan period, we found meal planning stress-free and highly organized. This software also offers several tools that assist in tracking your family’s nutritional health. Now You’re Cooking! is a comprehensive meal planning program and we are excited to include with our meal planner reviews.

Now You’re Cooking! offers several helpful features when planning your meals. This meal planning software helps plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks while allowing you to access a quick view of recipes found in your meal plan at any time. You can also scale meal plan entries by a multiplier, easily swap menu days, perform multi-criteria searches from your meal plan, and view the handy pop-up calendar for date selections. The application also allows you to tag and untag recipes in the menu planner.

Saving money has never been easier thanks to the coupon manager included with Now You’re Cooking! Enter your coupons into Now You’re Cooking! and it will help you keep track of them with a complete coupon manager. You can organize your coupons by item, brand, or expiration date and flag coupon list items with your shopping list.

Now You’re Cooking! stands out for its enhanced nutritional analysis tools. This smart meal planning software offers more nutritional tracking tools than any of its competitors, including analyzing more than 40 nutritional elements, such as trans fats. In terms of menu planning, it can create plans from multiple cookbooks and can include individual items such as a red delicious apple as a snack. With this software you can plan out unlimited meals, meaning it can plan not just a week or month at a time, but for as long as you desire, even up to a year. And since it can plan out long-term meal plans it is helpful that it has tagging tools, so you can find specific meal plans by search terms.

Now You’re Cooking! includes a powerful automatic shopping list function that is great for cooks on-the-go. It does it all; from summing up like items on meal planning recipes, automatically converting units, maintaining multiple lists simultaneously, expanding your list as you add people, sorting your shopping list aisle by aisle and merging shopping lists. You can also condense your list, print it out and create separate “Droplists” such as a list for miscellaneous items and a list for brand names.

Now You’re Cooking! goes beyond average meal planning software in the area of cost management, a topic many families and restaurants are interested in. It can compute a shopping list cost comparison for up to 20 shops, store user-defined prices/aisles for up to 20 shops, automatically add new ingredients to prices and aisles list and flag low prices and stores for shopping list items.

For help with cooking terms or for cooking tips while in the kitchen, a detailed cooking glossary is included with Now You‘re Cooking! There are 1,543 items listed with descriptions, uses and references for each entry. Also, if a variety of print out options is of interest, Now You’re Cooking! is capable of printing recipes on index cards of all sizes in addition to printing droplists, menus and nutrition analyses.

Now You’re Cooking! will analyze any recipe from any source, and includes fitness calculators to help keep your health in-check. The meal planning application does this with tools such as a calorie targets calculator, body fat calculator, BMI calculator and a waist ratios calculator.

From their start-up tip widget called "A Cyberkitchen Companion," that gives you helpful advice everytime you start up the software, to the easy-to-find buttons at the top of the screen to help you navigate the software with ease, Now You're Cooking! is an incredibly easy program to use. We also noted how easy it is to add recipes to menus. Simply double-click any recipe, and it will be added to your menu.

Now You're Cooking! offers the highest number of ways a customer can receive help with their software; more than any other competitor in fact. From phone and email support to a large user-guide and online support, not to mention FAQs and helpful tutorials. Now You're Cooking! covers all the bases in making sure you use their software to the best of your ability.

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If you’re looking for an integrated meal planning software tool that includes enhanced recipe capabilities, Now You’re Cooking! is the one for you. From its easy-to-use interface with “Did you know?” tips to an impressive database of nutritional info, Now You’re Cooking! is a serious menu planning application that is worthy of a place in our meal planning software review.

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