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Pros / iPhone apps, online access to recipes, and detailed nutritional info make this software title shine.

Cons / It cannot be used to calculate shopping list costs.

 Verdict / This is a great application for organizing recipes and meal plans.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Shop’NCook Menu, developed by Rufenacht Innovative, is comprehensive meal planning software that not only helps you plan your meals, but helps organize your recipes and grocery shopping lists, and we're happy to include it in our Meal Planning Software. Shop'NCook Menu provides detailed nutritional information on all ingredients and recipes that are included in their database. From their iPhone app to their handy sublist capability, Shop’NCook is a great meal planning tool and is the winner of our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Shop’NCook Menu is an excellent tool to plan your upcoming meals in full detail, especially for anyone looking for more specific timeline choices (a helpful detail that assists in more exact menu planning, especially for those with bigger families or caterers). From single menus, daily menus, weekly menus, monthly menus and 2-14 day menus, planning a meal at a specific date and time you'll find that meal planning can be incredibly easy.

Meal Planning Features

The newest generation of meal planning software includes web integration, such as a built-in browser or direct internet access to their recipe database, and Shop’NCook Menu falls into this exciting category. By clicking the Direct Access tab at the top of the screen in the main interface, you'll be prompted to download the recipe index of their official recipe database. And by clicking the Browser tab, an interface similar to web browser opens that allows you to download recipes directly from website sources.

Shop’NCook Menu offers several of the important features one should look for when choosing a high-quality meal planning software solution. In addition to the several time increments available for planning your meals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), it can manage multiple stores and staple pantry inventory.

Shop’NCook Menu lets you further enhance your meal planning experience by printing your meals and emailing them to family members or customers. You can also discover the nutrition facts for every aspect of your meal by opening a recipe and navigating to Tools > Nutritional Info.

Shopping Tools

Shop’NCook Menu provides a powerful shopping list tool that ensures you get everything you need for your meals. A huge running category list of basic food items helps you plan your lists, or you can have your lists instantly generated as you plan your meals. This menu planning software can organize shopping lists by aisle and store. In addition, you can export shopping lists in SplashShopper format for viewing on a smart phone. This menu planner can automatically convert units and make ingredient substitutions.

This software can compare pantry items to menu items to create grocery lists in a roundabout way. Once you enter your pantry information it can manage the “list of items that are automatically deselected.” So you enter pantry items that you plan to always have, such as flour, salt and pepper, then the software assumes you have these items and does not add it to your grocery lists. Other programs actually deduct recipe amounts from pantry inventory when meals are planned to track actual on hand amounts. This version does not track costs, but the Pro version tracks costs and supplier information.


Start-up tips are just one of the many extras you’ll find in Shop’NCook Menu. From the moment you open the meal planning software you'll be greeted by helpful tips and prompts to help you navigate the software‘s many features, such as “Create a library of menus in the Library tab of the calendar.” You can even print out recipe cards of your favorite recipes using Shop’NCook Menu.

Shop’NCook offers iPhone and iPad applications, which are handy ways to plan your family’s meals when you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the grocery store, you‘ll love these apps. The Shop’NCook app lets you access your recipes directly on your phone and scale the recipes to servings of your choosing.

Ease of Use

The design of Shop'NCook Menu, which includes a fluid feel with tabs, makes it especially easy for new users. We also love the way they divide your screen, with the recipes in the left toolbar as your menu is open in the main/right screen.

Help & Support

To receive help with your Shop'NCook Menu software you have a few options. You can access their user manual, which can be found on their site (and includes a Getting Started section for new users). Or, there is a large stash of tips for using the software in the help files.They do not offer telephone support, but you can contact them via an online form. We found their blog especially useful; they post regular articles with software tips and recipes.


From its enhanced meal planning tools, including templates and sublists to direct access to a huge recipe database, this software proves to be a great kitchen companion that is updated often and practical. Shop’NCook Menu strives to be both a full-bodied meal planning tool and a recipe manager, and it succeeds. Shop’NCook Menu is a comprehensive tool for all your meal planning needs.

Shop'NCook Menu Visit Site