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Stopmotion Studio Review

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Animation doesn't have to be confined to a sheet of paper or a computer screen. The stop-motion technique has been around since the early 1900s, and it is a fun way to bring objects to life. Stopmotion Studio is an easy-to-use 2D animation program that animates your photos and drawings as well as your actions figures and Lego creations.

Stop motion animation is a tried and true art form with film credits including older titles like “Star Wars” and “King Kong,” as well as modern shows such as “Robot Chicken,” “Wallace and Gromit” and “Coraline.” Using Stopmotion Studio, you can create your own shows and shorts by capturing sequential images with a web camera, digital video camera or DSLR camera.

This animation software uses frames on a storyboard to create your animation. When you use stop-motion animation, you create the illusion of movement by moving your object a little bit in each individual frame. When these pictures are played back in sequence, it looks like your object is moving.

Stopmotion Studio uses a storyboard interface for animation creation, which allows you to see all of the frames in sequence. You can also rearrange the pictures at any time by dragging and dropping them where you want them to appear in the sequence. The program has hotkeys you can use to merge, cut, delete, and copy and paste images with just a few keystrokes. You can also add intro or ending credits and onscreen text or subtitles to your video.

When you’re creating a new frame, you can take advantage of the onion skinning feature. This feature turns the previous frame into a transparent overlay to help you position your object perfectly for the next frame. The Chroma key feature makes putting a background behind your characters easy. All you have to do is take the pictures of your character in front of a blue or green screen and import your background images from another source. The Chroma key removes the blue or green screen and replaces it with your chosen background image.

Stopmotion Studio, works with BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats. The software doesn't import images directly from a scanner, but you can import then to your hard drive and then open them in the program. The software can import images from a connected camera. You can upload audio for sound effects and background music as MP3 or WAV files and record your voice for dialogue as well. Stopmotion Studio does not have tools to edit any of these sounds, so you have to make changes in a different program before importing them into the animation software.

When your project is finished, it’s easy to upload it to YouTube or Facebook. You can also save your completed animation as a WMV, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 or HD MPEG file.

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