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Acoustica Digital Audio Editor Review

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PROS / The audio restoration tools worked well to remove most of the unwanted noise from our test sample.

CONS / You can't record multiple audio sources simultaneously.

 VERDICT / The is one of the best and most affordable audio editors available, and it gets even better if you want to upgrade to the premium version for a little extra money.

The Acoustica Digital Audio Editor provides a great workspace to edit your audio. The layout and color scheme of the interface are attractive and well-organized. The menu ribbon above the toolbar clearly divides the effects, plugins and recording tools into easily identifiable sections, which makes this audio editor easy to navigate. The organization of the interface is well-thought-out, and for this it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Interface & Ease of Use

Below the audio editing window you will find the file browser, effects chain and FFT analyzer. You can add or remove all of these additional work windows at your convenience. Also, if you find yourself only using a certain set of tools from the toolbar or you would like to rearrange the toolbar, you can set it to your specifications. This interface is one of the most customizable available – it lets you create a workspace that will maximize your workflow.

Recording & Editing Tools

Acoustica Digital Audio Editor allows you to add as many tracks to your audio editing project as you need. You can edit multiple audio tracks at once and even record using the software. Unfortunately, you are unable to record multiple audio sources at once; thus, multitrack recording is not an option.

Acoustica offers a free version of this sound editing software, but its feature set is limited compared to the standard edition. The standard edition is less expensive compared to other audio editors in our lineup and provides a solid feature set. The premium edition of this software will cost you three times the amount of the standard edition, but it provides quality audio restoration tools, filters and effects that aren't found in either the free or standard edition. The standard edition is a great middle ground for both beginner and serious audio editing clients.

Audio Restoration

To test this professional audio editing software we imported a noisy audio sample that was laced with clicks, pops, hisses and hums associated with old analog vinyl recordings. We used the enhancement tools, such as the noise reduction tool, declicker and declipper, to remove all of the unwanted noise from the audio track.

We were pleased with the results. We were able to remove all but some random pops from the recording and all of the hissing and cracks. The restoration tools were easy to use and it took little effort to obtain successful results. The audio restoration from this Acoustica audio editor is outstanding compared to the rest of the competition, even though this version has a limited feature set compared to the premium version.


One of the many strengths of this software is its file conversion and compatibility. We were able to import all of the file formats that we tested for without any compatibility problems. You are also able to extract audio data from certain video file formats. We tested seven different video file formats, and this audio editing software was able to extract the data from MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV video file formats.

Help & Support

The manufacturer's page offers a number of support options, including a user forum and email support in the form of a support ticket system. The software also has a manual that is accessible within it.


There is a lot to like about this audio editor. The interface is user-friendly, clean and intuitive. The toolbar and workspaces are customizable. It is simple to use and, although it lacks audio editing tools compared to its premium counterpart, the standard edition has a good set of tools to restore noisy audio recordings. This audio editing software is worth buying for the intuitive audio editing experience alone.

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