Pros / Dexster features a number of useful effects.

Cons / You are unable to record multiple audio tracks at once.

 Verdict / Dexster boasts many video tutorials and tools that can help even the most novice audio editors to get their feet wet.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Audio Editing Software here.

Dexster Audio Editor has a long list of editing tools and a handful of effects, but its instability makes this audio editing software tumble down our lineup.

Atop the wave editor are a slew of buttons for recording and editing. As you hover over each button, the name for the tool appears by the cursor. This is helpful for beginners, but the toolbar feels clustered and unorganized.

When we were working with Dexster Audio Editor, the software crashed a handful of times when processing effects. It became a major hindrance to have to reopen the program several times and start over. This is one of the main reasons this software falls to the back of the line.

This audio editor has many editing tools and filters, but there were some tools missing that we evaluated all software on. Dexster lacks the ability to edit multiple audio tracks simultaneously – a process that many of the top-rated audio editing programs can achieve.

The application supports quite a few preset effects, including a compressor, fade in/out, cross-fading, flange, phase, normalize, envelope, reverb and vibrato. Dexster offers a good collection of filters, including high and low shelf, notch, band pass, FFT and a peak EQ filter. It has a noise-reduction feature, which is a relatively recent development. Earlier versions offered the ability to add noise, but there isn't a method to take noise away.

This audio editing software can perform batch processing and conversions. It can also edit files' marker and tag information. Dexster works with a wide variety of compressed and uncompressed WAV files, as well as AIFF (Apple), AU, AVI, MP3, OGG and WMA (Windows) formats.

You'll get plenty of help if you need help figuring out how to use the tools or creating a specific effect. There are in-application help pages, a user guide, a glossary and tutorials, as well as an online user forum, FAQs and access to technical support by email.

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Dexster Audio Editor has many of the tools and effects to be a top-rated audio editor but falls short due to program instability and a clustered interface. The variety of tools and features still makes this an intriguing audio editor. Dexster also provides excellent support and tutorials so beginners can learn the software quickly.

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